1. I read long nose peach ninja as someone that keeps trying to slip it in your ass during sex.

  2. You are beautiful, you have a avant garde and ethereal look and vibe playing that up with help you look more feminine. But you have to see it in yourself first.

  3. Is this person trying to say she is that girl the guy’s eyes shift to? She’s describing herself?

  4. I’m pretty sure she is trying to say she’s the girl your man is looking at lol

  5. I'm trashy so I'd steam or roast and slather with queso dip.

  6. I think she’s 100% playing into what everyone says about them and no one gets the sarcasm.

  7. I really think this is what’s going on here, this is too weird and aware to say bluntly without it being a joke

  8. Aries. Most on this sub are 🍑heads, sadly. Maybe most are period. 🤔 Maybe that's why they didn't make this list?

  9. I think you did a great job and I love the idea!

  10. Stephen Arroyo’s Chart Interpretation Handbook

  11. Libra ♎️ Rising, Venus in Pisces ♓️ … the struggle is real hahaha

  12. I think she’s bright spring, her clarity is really high and bright/true winter looks too harsh like it sits on her face.

  13. Tbh this is annoying af, so many people these days are just looking to piss others off

  14. Yeah, I'm thinking damn yall just cool with people being this immature? No friend of mine! And I like Sagis. I get wanting a reaction but being intentionally annoying? Can't relate.

  15. Well I don't think she's totally wrong though

  16. The two energies mix and become connected to one another in a conjunction, and the closer the degrees the stronger and more inseparable this mixing is.

  17. So, if to say a Venus in Taurus is conjunct tightly with Sun in Taurus…The Sun (ego) parts of themselves will be ruled or taken over by the Venus in Taurus? Like, could this person’s ego (Sun) be majorly affected/bruised by something ‘bad’ occurring in Venus sector of their life, such as a breakup or loss of money/luxuries? Or greatly enhanced by such things as a love affair ir making money or enjoying sensual pleasures?

  18. In this case, it would be the more negative effect because Sun and Venus are not friendly.

  19. They don’t want to have to try anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. Lol straight guys love being like "oh what's the big deal she's hot", "it's just a movie, not that deep". Like shut up and go use some 17 in 1 shampoo.

  21. I think she was too emotional from what happened to process or think to much about anything, that’s what I picked up from it.

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