1. your application is very similar to a girl who got into harvard from my home country (india) last year, which is very competitive for ivy admissions

  2. how yk that Northwestern accepts most intl early?

  3. UT Austin, UGA, UW-Madison, University of Florida, U of Minnesota, University of Notre Dame, Penn State, SMU

  4. not sure but i think they take a lot of people early

  5. Yeah I want to know this as well. I'm planning on EDing there but I didn't know that everyone EDs there

  6. yeah, but is optional really optional?

  7. definitely not in this case

  8. how do you have a GPA while doing A Levels?

  9. im sure your predictions are goof enough no?

  10. Do you remember what the question was? I can't remember it for some reason

  11. https://giphy.com/gifs/3orieTfp1MeFLiBQR2

  12. Amherst college? or Umass?

  13. New York University Abu Dhabi!

  14. Is a calorie surplus all that really matters? I’ve heard a lot about eating certain foods with protein, or carbs, or whatever, so I’m just a little confused

  15. caloric surplus + protien - make sure u get veggies in as well

  16. maybe some dropsets or RDLs on leg day?

  17. u wanna show us the whole bike?

  18. by jove thats a sexy bicycle πŸ˜‹

  19. Felix Mendelssohn's calm sea and prosperous voyage from about 4 mins in

  20. It really doesnt need half an hour, you can use an app such as myfitnesspal and just input your food, water, exercise etc (it has a lot of brands and different products with kcals + macros) and set goals for yourself (i think, haven't used it in a while) and it should give you a reasonably accurate estimation of your numbers for the day.

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