1. Not me thinking this post was you saying Joey swoll’s head looks like an egg. And me staring at the white hat, is wildly egg shaped head, and the little forehead poking out like a yolk.

  2. Hey ladies! I’m a bodybuilder (figure division) and really burnt out from the focus on aesthetics. I was thinking it may be fun to move over to powerlifting. Anyone make the transition? I see powerlifters do bb but not sure about the reverse.

  3. Her shorts are so tight that I’m surprised she has any circulation

  4. I know a girl who poses like this and posts it daily. She also wears shorts 3 sizes too small. I don’t get it, she’s a pretty girl but the posing isn’t cute to me. It’s almost gross because she’s always in a gym bathroom stall.

  5. A lot of companies are laying off right now. I wouldn’t look too deep into it. Look at the Fortune 500

  6. How long to you boil your eggs? They look perfect

  7. Air fry your carrots next time. 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Light spray of oil and toss in sea salt. Reminds me of sweet potato fries

  8. I’m NASM certified and my credential only shows active if someone knows my full legal name. I actually didn’t know this until searching just now!

  9. Why are people coming to the gym while coughing their lungs out? I'm not even talking about just some coughing. Twice people who are obviously sick and coughing incessantly have been at the gym. My asthma has barely recovered from this time last year when I got covid. Sigh.

  10. Zero clue but it’s happening at my gym too. Same with the grocery store! People just hacking up everywhere.

  11. Ok at this point, this is a long time ago and that trend has passed but basically when I was 16/17 (2012/2013) was when the Vegan high carb, raw till four BS was at its peak. Like many of the influencer girlies I was getting out of a phase of very restrictive eating and I got pulled into the Vegan, high carb, orthorexia stuff. It wasn’t a good time and I know much more about nutrition now so I know a lot of the claims they were making were pure BS. But they were conventionally attractive and I was a teen. I gained a lot of weight and was scared of dietary fat for years but I survived it 😹 It’s weird to look back though. Like what a time on the internet when Freelee the Banana girl was the most insane thing going on… Anyways just to be clear, this is in no way a criticism of a Vegan diet in itself. I’m talking about the pseudoscientific and insane claims the girlies were doing back then.

  12. Oh my. I was influenced to do the vegan mainly potato thing. I ate so many potatoes and got fat. Go figure. I forget the influencers name

  13. There was one called Hannah that was pretty obsessed with potatoes 😹 (sentences to write on the internet…)

  14. Yup that’s the one. Ugh so cringy to remember haha. I think she was high carb Hannah or something 💀

  15. Do this and add a crack of sea salt. Worlds better

  16. Found out we are 57 girls competing in Bikini at the Olympia this year. A record I read. 😱

  17. I saw that! Also saw that they are changing the amount of time you get for individual routine.

  18. I ran it as part of my competition prep. It’s not as fun as eating in a slight surplus. The pumps aren’t as big and you’re obviously not going to be gaining a lot of size.

  19. I hope she knows how difficult it will be as a Wellness Pro to be competitive if she doesn’t eat.

  20. Like what would your carbs be on a rest day compared to a training day? And what do you consider training? Cuz I’m sick of “rest days” for influencers still being mobility for an hour and an hour long walk and Abs… technically not a rest day

  21. In a true off season I would say rest day carbs are 220-250 carbs for me. Hoping to get higher this year though. Rest day for me currently is 150 calories worth of cardio and 8000 steps. I am a bodybuilder though and compete on stage.

  22. Shouldn’t we applaud her for growth? She’s clearly in a better space now.

  23. I make something similar but add some egg whites and bake it. Comes out like a little pie.

  24. Pescience will be 25% off with an influencer code. I’m using code MATT from the cheatdaydesign Instagram

  25. As someone who enjoys Kodiak Cakes and pumpkin spice, their seasonal pumpkin flavor is amazing. You might have to buy it online (they don't have a lot left) since I know it's not in that many stores.

  26. Add 85g of pumpkin to your kodiak cakes. Makes a really great pumpkin pancake. I’ll throw in a scoop of whey too.

  27. I just looked at her account and I’m now in a rage. She’s shilling programming to intentionally atrophy muscles in the legs to make them appear slimmer. Fuck. That. Women are at a higher risk of bone density loss, things like strength training and running actually help increase bone density. I’ve worked with the elderly, and a fall can drastically impact your quality of life if you break a bone. This person is an idiot.

  28. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen thigh gap ‘success stories’… had to check her page

  29. Hi coach Adam, I’m an asthmatic who occasionally takes albuterol. Is this something that would not make me a “natural” athlete? I had no clue people used albuterol for performance.

  30. Usually there are waivers for things like this and HRT in natural federations. If you medically need it, it doesn’t impact your ‘natty’ status.

  31. Peak week for bb show- should I cut out Anavar? I’m waiting for my coach’s guidance but curious what you all do!

  32. Can’t wait! I need to sit down and do a write up!

  33. I don't sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear a silk bonnet, and I don't like frownies or silicone eye patches. I just find my bed cozy as is and have no desire to change anything about the way I sleep.

  34. Do frownies actually work? I assumed they didn’t so surprised to read that they are popular!

  35. Post show, as I reverse and gain, my boobs are SO SORE for weeks when I put on body fat there. Literally cannot go without a tight bra holding them in place.

  36. I just got five blisters on my toes and my feet are killing me during cardio….. I’m wondering if my feet are smaller now and sliding in the shoe 👀

  37. I’m re-reading this thread bc I woke up too early and yes!!!

  38. On a cut what is the hardest meal? For me it has to be lunch. Breakfast you have lots of energy and in the evening you don't have to worry about being tired but with lunch it's expected to keep you going for another 6+ hours

  39. Make smaller meals and eat more often?

  40. I also say this to my clients as a lot of people have the mentality that they can only put x amount of chicken etc on their plate or else they’ll be eating too much meat. So it might not be new info or rocket science but some people do need to be told to do this.

  41. Agreed! I don’t think this is bad advice at all.

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