1. I actually think Amy is not classic. She definitely has classic lines in all her clothing, but I think they look restricting on her. My bet is Soft Natural.

  2. It is really clever wardrobe because the suits make her look confined and uptight which is in line with her character on the show. This makes a lot of sense.

  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13eMMb8SHpY6l4pgF3fIwp96CHfy5MzUxvHwF7ky2gps/mobilebasic

  4. Unfortunately there’s not much info out there on typing men. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain the height limits don’t exist for men. I’m convinced my husband is also a romantic and he’s about six feet tall.

  5. When I saw that Colin Firth (6'1") is a verified Romantic, I kind of gave up on height requirements for male Kibbe. I wish there was more clarification around typing men!

  6. Really!! Every time I’ve seen a film of his, I’ve thought he seems soft and delicate (but that could just be me 🫡)

  7. Thanks for this! Was it posted in the Strictly Kibbe group? I was confused because I looked at the list of verified celebs in that group and it was all women except for DK himself.

  8. It would be cool to come to a consensus on the height requirement for the "tall 3" for men. As a 5'9" woman, I am part of that tall group, however I don't feel SUPER tall compared to my female peers. 5'8" is the height that leaves you with only the tall 3 options and I feel like 5'8" is average-tall personally.

  9. In my first pregnancy, which was healthy, I didn't have an ultrasound until 12 weeks. The dating part isn't essential, although it's nice, as I understand it--but if you want to do NT measurements as one of several options to screen for trisomies such as Down's, it has to be done 11-13 weeks. There are other ways to screen as well that rely on blood tests or tissue sampling, and some of those are less time sensitive. Maybe that's something to ask about if the ultrasound isn't feasible for some reason but you could have labwork done.

  10. This scenario would have me only getting one ultrasound, at 20 weeks. I feel that a dating scan is important in my case because I’m having a scheduled c section and my period is very irregular. When I posted I was pretty shook and forgot to include those details.

  11. I also have an irregular period, so I know kind of how that goes. Do you have a feeling or best guess when you might have conceived? Were you tracking any signs or anything?

  12. Thank you! It looks like I’m back on the list for an ultrasound but this is very reassuring in case it doesn’t happen. Thanks for taking the time to write that all out.

  13. 35, STM 8 weeks along. I live in a rural area of northern Canada (BC). We are a small town but not isolated. I’m pretty freaked out because I feel like we have no idea what things are going to look like in the world in October (when I’m due).

  14. For my Mom the first 8 months where okay but she never felt good (always felt under the weather). After that it was 10 months of a long slow slide until one day we took her to the hospital because we could take care of her anymore. She was just to week to move. She died 5 days later while my sister and I sat beside her bed.

  15. It’s really hard to see someone you care about go down this path and then to have to leave and feel like you’re giving up on them. My ex was like this and it only got worse and worse. The bad part is that I was following him into that abyss. I needed him to stop so that I could stop - he made a ton of false promises but chose coke in the end. He was a sweet guy and I don’t doubt that he cared about me but coke is a hell of a drug. I walked away and never looked back. My life is a million times better now, and five years later he still has not changed. My advice is to get yourself away from this guy, your life will be a lot healthier (whether you partake or not, no judgement here).

  16. Just ignore it and act like you don't see it. When you do see it, look away, not too quickly but briskly enough, though most importantly look away casually. Try not to show disgust, disappointment, or aversion on your face either. Treat it like you know this is how boys are, and it's like the rising of the sun, and it's just part of life. It means nothing to you. It's not cute, but it's a part of life that's important and you've accepted it. Then treat him like you would at any time, if that's handing him a cereal box, asking him if he's ready for the day, or anything you do during these times.

  17. I get your point about not making a thing of it but if my son’s penis is sticking out of his pants in the kitchen while everyone is having breakfast I’m gonna bring it to his attention... and then move on like nothing happened.

  18. I'd make a small thing, "adjust yourself, son," is the cleanest and quietest way to say it. A phrase, I imagine can be just as effective with nip slips.

  19. If I'm in the mood, I will do that, it doesn't stop them from hovering and making me really uncomfortable. Then they wander off when I'm done.

  20. Omg noooo. I’m currently pregnant with my first. This is the most annoying thing that my dogs do to me and it never occurred to me that kids would do it too! They’re good boys and they don’t straight up beg, but all activity stops if I have food and they lay on their bed and stare at me while I eat.

  21. At first I read this as you're laying on the dog's bed, staring at the dogs while you eat. That would be one hell of a power move. Really show those dogs who is the superior being.

  22. She called you Collin in the middle of a normal conversation, right?

  23. And she was tipsy. Seems like a reasonable mix up to me.

  24. Can’t stand Cash. Husband and I really like Cassian, but what if people shorten it to Cash? I wouldn’t be able to deal.

  25. Supporting me through pregnancy, picking up all the slack around the house when I was too sick from it to contribute, all while trying to reassure me and boost my mood. He’s a keeper :)

  26. Now wait. Hold on a fucking second. Other people can see it, when you do that? I can do it, but I just kinda did it for self-entertainment, because child-me thought it was kind of neato-poteeto to make the world shake and pretend there was an earthquake happening, and/or a heavy barrage of photon torpedo fire.

  27. For what it’s worth I can do it too but it looks like nothing is happening to others. So that’s boring.

  28. I’m sorry this happened to you but your way of dealing with this is SO GREAT and you’re my hero. I dated an asshole like this too, not for long but I really cared about him and I swear he’s some kind of sociopath because who treats people that way?! It damaged my ability to trust as well but over time I healed and you will too. Hang in there! There’s good ones out there ❤️

  29. Did you hold it against your brother? I don't want to be the cause of their break up.

  30. You can’t control that you look like the guy I mean it would be completely unreasonable to hold it against you.

  31. This ruling needed to happen because there have been many instances of cops claiming they thought they saw the driver using a phone (ie. looking down for a moment while stopped) even when the phone was securely put away out of sight or not even present, and there was no way of legally proving innocence. If they decided you were guilty, you were - pay up.

  32. I was just thinking of that this morning - when I am at a red light I often fidget with my fingernails and I am sure it looks like I am on my phone.

  33. My grandpa had two modes. Patient and advice giving grandpa who only wanted you to grow as a person. And I am sick of your dumbass decisions and I will now yell with the power of a thousand fed up grandpas.

  34. The power of a thousand fed up grandpas - lol thank you for the chuckle.

  35. I feel like it might come off differently in the US.

  36. Plus many Americans/Canadians could probably do 23 and me and find out they’re part Irish anyways! The lines are blurry to the point of not existing.

  37. My middle sister and I named my youngest sis. We picked out Christina from a baby book and when our parents came home with Carolina we cried for days and said we wanted them to go back to the hospital for Christina until they gave up and changed her name.

  38. When I was younger every one of my stuffed animals and dolls and my pet rabbit were named Christie. No idea where it came from I just couldn’t get enough of that name.

  39. I love that name!! My husband vetoed it ):

  40. This happens to me all the time too! Lol people really do act like it’s a compliment...

  41. Do you really want the non-sex dungeon right next to the kitchen?

  42. We just saw that movie Alita, and the male antagonists name is Nova. I had suggested it to my husband for a girl’s name (we are pregnant) and hearing it a bunch in the movie brought him around to it!

  43. I loved Alita so much more than Captain Marvel. I'm a huge Marvel fan, and was so excited to see Captain Marvel brought to life, but it was so uneven and very average compared to the other Marvel universe hero origin stories. Alita was great, and it has great names.

  44. Alita definitely exceeded our expectations! We didn’t know what we were going into and it was actually really good! Glad you enjoyed it as well. Captain Marvel was great but I don’t feel it was totally bang on like the Avengers movies or Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor Ragnarok, in my opinion. But I did love it, the 90s soundtrack was sweet. Maybe it will improve with a few watches - the others I’ve seen countless times now!

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