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  1. Ah yes, this argument totally works because people are , in fact, electric lights.

  2. My god. I would wonder at the chains of events that have unfolded to require this, but looking at the state of world answers my question.

  3. Personally more the "kitchen table" variety of sealed products, like Archenemy or Planechase. I remember playing those with my friends when they came out and loving the feel of these new variants.

  4. Generally the Abyss wants to turn everything to crap in every game line. For Mage this means Paradox is driven by the Abyss through the vector of Disbelief. This also explains the Beast for Vampires, Banality for Changelings, the Shadow for Wraiths, etc.

  5. I mean Journey to the West kinda reads a bit like a D&D campaign where the party somehow keeps surviving the shenanigans an increasingly frustrated DM keeps throwing at them. And the party consists of the one player who min-maxed the shit out of monk and is basically now unkillable, the cleric who actually was built properly but gets way into RP, and two incredibly niche builds that some how get made relevant almost every session.

  6. Really torn between Thomas Jane and Jon Bernthal. Both did an amazing job portraying the character though I think Bernthal edges out Jane because he had more time to develop the character on screen.

  7. He was fired but is not facing any charges. That means he could be rehired as a cop somewhere else.

  8. Glad other people caught that "no criminal charges are being pressed" part of the article. Like I knew ACAB but holy fuck can we just burn the criminal justice system down and out up...anything better already?

  9. Okay BioChroma is kinda weird. So basically Tears of Edgli, AFAIK, are more similar to Allomantic metals than other forms of Investiture. They themselves are not Invested; rather they are the key which powers the "programming" that BioChromatic Awakeners bestow upon objects.

  10. Malazan Book of the Fallen has quite a few. While I have only read Garden of the Moon, one of the first characters you meet would definitely count as an evil wizard antagonist.

  11. Ah I see. Like I said I have only read GotM so take my comment with a grain of salt.

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