1. 2. The tonight show used to be hosted by Johny Carson. Most people were familiar with it at the time. When he would come on stage they would say here's Johny.

  2. It always comes down to calories one way or another.... I practiced volume eating and calorie counting... I like to feel full and so eating less dense, less processed foods helped me to not cheat but at the end of the day it was all about calories. Down 104 lbs, 18lbs to go.

  3. With Sodastream, you can only carbonate water, then add syrup, etc to the water. Drinkmate is more versatile as you can carbonate juices, koolaid, liquor, flat soda. Yes, you can use any syrup with either.

  4. I bought diet navron and it is absolutely terrible. I kind of wonder if they sent me expired product or something because the reviews are all pretty good but it literally tastes terrible regardless of water to syrup ratio, it even smells off.

  5. Yeah like a said, mix with a small amount of water ahead of time and make it super concentrates and then add it to your sparkling water.

  6. I do at the beginning of the season but there comes a time, usually mid June where I almost pet a wasp doing the job for me and realize they got this.

  7. Fruit is product of the mother plant. Will be true to variety. Cross pollinated seeds and lead to variations in future plants.

  8. If they aren’t hardened off already cloudy skies are a great place to start. If they are hardened off already I doubt there will be much lost by planting them or much gained by waiting. 100% do make sure you harden them off slowly if it’s not already done

  9. Been hardening off for 2 weeks. They have been living outside getting several hours of sun a day for and staying out at night the last few days/nights. They are garden ready and have little flowers already. I really want to get them out of the solo cups. I am just not used to tomatoes, only peppers so I wasnt sure if a thunderstorm this early on or a 41 degree night would give them issue. They seem more sensitive than my peppers.

  10. They’ll possibly end up a bit stunted from a low overnight temperature but nothing near as bad as a pepper would in my experience. Both prefer warm temperatures but peppers in my experience have been less forgiving. Last year I hardened off too early and forgot both plant types outside on a cool night. The tomatoes ended up coming around but the peppers were stunted all season (some of them barely made it to a foot tall).

  11. Happened to my orange you sweet peppers but my early jalapenos are beasts and do well every year

  12. I use my hand tto scoop deep under them and scoop up roots and dirt and all. They usually transplant fine at that size if you don't just pluck them. Save as many roots as possible and you should be fine.

  13. They specifically have on the menu Chicago style pizza and then stuffed crust pizzas. The pictures look totally opposite, so I’m assuming they gave me the wrong thing.

  14. Air poppers are super cheap. Get two.and run them at the same time? Haha

  15. Yeah it's looking like may be lambs quarter seed in the potting mix may be

  16. It has " natural flavors " and ester of rosin which suspends some sort of oil in the liquid. Possibly a higher concentration of citirc acid. You can read the ingredients in the can and compare to may be a livewire mountain dew and kinda guess....

  17. Looks pretty good. The face/head seems a bit more tightly rendered than the neck and shoulders but they are farther back and not a focal point so if kind of works for the style.

  18. How do I post a pic of my kitty on here btw your George has a lot of personality beautiful boy

  19. You can post a post on the main sub or you can post an image on imgr and share a link.

  20. Yeah I cut off flower buds root bound or not until they are to the height I want them. If you upped the container size you can try before putting them outside to give them a more balanced fertility like a tomato fertilizer that even has a little nitrogen because that would promote leaf growth. Probably wait until you're getting close to outside time.

  21. Awesome thanks a bunch! i did pot them in some tomato/pepper specific soil so hopefully that works like you said. Probably got a month or so until they are ready for outside time so will just continue trimming the flowers. Do you cut each individual flower or just trim the whole bunch (there are usually a few little leaves growing around where the flowers are growing out so i've been trying to leave the leaves and just remove the buds thanks a bunch

  22. I typically wait until the bud is poking out enough I can pull just the bud. I leave every leaf I can. I don't top prune or anything because short growing season and I really don't mind tall thin plants because I plant closer together than recommend.

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