1. Everything's good. Going home to rest up and take a week off before Hotlanta!

  2. How close of a friend is he that he doesn’t know your standard of coffee that you drink? My friends would never buy me generic shit, sooo idk.

  3. Get there early. He doesn’t charge for entry :)

  4. “Where is my mind” remix of the pixies by bassnectar

  5. I wouldn’t say it’s time as much as it is scheduling with a baby and to be able to spend time with my significant other. Tip toeing around the baby’s naps, his work schedule, gym daycare hours, motivation, etc.

  6. I want to take it off and bend you over 😍 you look amazing

  7. Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Can I help you get the rest off???

  8. Haha sure but I don’t need that much help! 😆

  9. Edit to all: who tf is downvoting everyone’s reply to my post? You’re cool

  10. 😳😍I’ll bet you turned a lot of heads & got excellent service lol 😊!!! I would have loved to carry your groceries home & put them up for you 🥰😘❤️💕

  11. Awe that is so sweet, but I pack my own bags and carry my groceries ;) how else will I stay in shape?

  12. Awe that is so sweet, but I pack my own bags and carry my groceries ;) how else will I stay in shape?

  13. I know some of my friends wear underwear with like yoga pants and others don’t. They say it depends on the material

  14. Hahaha no. I’ll never wear underwear with yoga pants (aka leggings)

  15. You look fantastic! Would never know you’d had a baby.

  16. Saw the scar in a later pic. So maybe I could tell from that. But regardless, you look fantastic! Head to toes.

  17. Gorgeous side boob and sexy hair.

  18. 👀 side boob. What about the front boob?? 😉

  19. That's because they're franchised... Sooooo they have a script to fallow... So I could only imagine what new and exciting things we could come up with ...

  20. Very true. To be fair, their pumpkin spice syrup is bomb af

  21. I recommend adding meat, seafood, and leafy greens. Make sure the bread is whole grain or swap it out for other whole grains. Also, why only banana and apple? What made you choose this list?

  22. Probably fine, just overdid it. Foam roll, stretch, lots of protein and electrolytes. Take it easier next go round.

  23. Deadmau5 and tiesto - met them along time ago. Didn’t want people taking pics with them and didn’t want anybody near them.

  24. I met Joel at a meet n greet in 2020. He was kind, genuine, and real casual. He was exactly how I thought he would be. It’s all about the setting in which you encounter him in.

  25. Not techno, but I met and had a quick exchange with Datsik backstage one night a long time ago. He was kind of a dick and so full of himself

  26. One cause of insulin resistance can be due to chronic stress. Stress leads to the release of cortisol. High levels of circulating cortisol result in the fight or flight response which leads the body to produce and release glucose. This causes high blood sugar and, over time, chronic hyperglycemia results in resistance to insulin.

  27. I have no problem with cultural exchanges/fusion done right. Cheeseburger empanadas just isn’t it.

  28. **vegan “cheeseburger” empanadas, mind you 😂😂😂

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