1. I’m so sorry, is that your mother? Regardless, no one should be talking to you and putting you down like that. How old are you, are you old enough to get out? If not, is there any adult you can call or anything? Nobody deserves to be verbally abused and especially told you’re “too fat”. That is BS. First of all it doesn’t really sound like you were overweight to be begin with. Second, she sounds like she has i healed trauma and is taking it out on you and most likely others. That person needs help and as sad as it is to say, when you get the chance, you need to cut contact with her): I’m so sorry. If anything, you need support right now, not someone yelling at you.

  2. Hun you are not in the wrong for feeling how you feel. I know times right now are hard and confusing for you, they are also confusing for your parents. Personally, I think they should shower you in love and welcoming arms to allow you to open up. They should only take away things that you can harm yourself with. I went through something similar around your age and I wanted to let you know it does get better when you learn to regulate your emotions (for the most part.). I do believe they can handle this a bit better and with some more care but i’m not 100% what I would do either. I hope things look up for you and you realize your worth some day.

  3. Maybe you’re depressed which is making you lack motivation to care? Maybe you should do some searching and find some styles that would suit you. Is there any clothes that you gravitate towards but never tried out? New clothes seem to help me with confidence for a little. I’m sorry I don’t 100% understand but I hope you can get through this and I hope you have support 💗 You’re loved and I know you can lift yourself back up

  4. she also keeps making it known how jealous she is that he was closer with eliza. I understand that must be really tough, but he didn’t ask for that and he probably feels so bad because she won’t stop bringing it up.

  5. We cannot diagnose, only a professional can but I will say she does need help and something is wrong

  6. yea silent treatment is abusive and shows signs of not being able to communicate, i’m glad you’re cutting it off early

  7. Imagine caring. Idgaf who y’all fuckin as long as it’s consensual

  8. Distemper or rabies. It is sad, my friend, a raccoon, died of distemper.

  9. "I know I acted silly and didn't respect your boundaries"

  10. Also the way she described it as her acting “silly”? I guess she’s avoiding taking accountability for her being a nut who tried to ruin my life.

  11. Thank you so much for this, I just got out a relationship with my pwbpd and this is super helpful

  12. 4 months I realized it wasnt what I wanted but I was determined to fix it. I left after 14 months in total

  13. I hope you’re doing better now, I know it can take a toll on people from experience

  14. The question should be if maybe she would’ve loved YOU different. I’m sure you did everything you could!

  15. Dealing with the same thing now. It’s bizarre how you somehow could slightly miss someone that is objectively a selfish and toxic individual by nature. However, they truly cannot help it. They’re very sick, it’s incredibly sad at the end of the day. Many will not have the capacity to accept reality and have the self awareness to actively change. Some do. But it’s important to be able to recognize when it is futile

  16. It really is so sad and unfortunate. I know she’s genuinely sick and maybe she can’t help it but sadly it’s an explanation and not an excuse. I wish her well and I hope she’s able to get the help she needs, it just couldn’t be from me. I do miss her, but i’ll have to miss her from a distance.

  17. This internet stranger is proud of you. You absolutely did the right thing, including calling the authorities when she used a suicide threat. That's not to say she didn't mean it, but that was the right call.

  18. Thank you for being proud of me 😁 It was absolutely a difficult thing to do but I know my worth and I know I deserve better. I will be starting therapy in a couple weeks and i’m also ordering some books now so i’ll add that to this list! I will be focusing on me for however long it takes and i’m happy to have this group to help support me on it.

  19. I think you should leave before it’s too late. Once you’re married, the threats reach new levels with a system stacked against you. You will be too exhausted to figure out how to get out.

  20. Her being out of weed, me hanging out with anyone who isn’t her including family, when i’m happy, if I breathe the wrong way, if I don’t clean up her mess, if I play my game, if I go to work, etc

  21. Please refrain from saying this, my ex did something similar, except she did acc attempt to hang herself, fortunately she got saved in time. Although it prolly wont happen, be prepared

  22. My apologies, I realize now that I shouldn’t have used my own situation to rule that out, I will edit it and thanks for letting me know.

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