1. Hardly any negative reviews on majority of the mostly food items I buy even if it ends up being an undeniably garbage product. Ugh.

  2. Pinene is your friend here! So is terpinolene. Not so much myrcene unless it’s in lower quantity to balance out the stimulation of the other two.

  3. Try taking one L-Theanine 200mg capsule in the morning or an hour before you medicate. Over the counter supplement which relieves anxiety especially when paired with caffeine or stimulating sativas with a lot of ocimene, terpinolene… I take it daily with my Adderall to avoid jitters and anxiety. I recommend it to literally all of my friends and patients.

  4. I mean, as a doctor, if I'm prescribed an opioid and I take it responsibly, I expect the same rules to apply if I'm recommended medical marijuana and take it responsibly. Although I don't care for the invasion of privacy from the state medical board potentially peeping in on me, I like to believe they wouldn't do it- or at least make a fuss about looking me up- unless there was good reason to suspect something amiss.

  5. Galenas Artifact isn't a different line or brand from Galenas. The difference between Artifact and regular Galenas is just the buds you get from them. The Artifact jars give nice cola buds while the regular Galenas bags give you more normal sized smaller buds. Then the bags that say 10+ pieces on the labels is their smalls.

  6. I'm saying that your analogy doesn't make sense. Willie's Reserve is a different brand that Buckeye is allowed to grow. Artifact is NOT a different brand that Galenas grows. It is the same exact brand as Galenas flower that is not marked as Artifact. The only difference with Galenas Artifact jars and Galenas NON-Artifact is what part of the plant they give you buds from. Artifact is like the big cola buds from the top of the plant while the non-artifact is like the smaller buds from lower down on the plant. Willie's Reserve is a totally different Brand, different from Buckeye Relief brand, and is exclusively grown by Buckeye Relief in Ohio. It doesn't matter if you buy Willie's Reserve or Buckeye Relief flower, you will still get big buds and smalls with both.

  7. I've not come across any literature and I have recommended mmj to numerous pts w/chronic pain d/t chronic pancreatitis. I recommend tinctures and RSO above all. They're much more predictable and precise to measure than edibles, flower, etc.

  8. Oooof, yeah, not enough myrcene in there to combat the other sativa terps. Have you tried Koko? Its great for pain.

  9. Looks crystalized and maybe less wet than usual badder? How is the consistency?

  10. I kept in fridge, but this was still out at room temp for a day. It is like wet sand. Super juicy.

  11. Looks very dry which means volatile terpenes have evaporated… less potent medicine basically.

  12. GrowOhio/BE doesn't list them. Everytime I email them about other stuff I mention that they are one of the only OH companies like that and they never reply to that part of the email lol. Edit: there is a reddit post on this sub if you search that has most of BE's top terps for each strain but I dont think these newer ones are on there.

  13. I’ve eaten a bag of the tHC-p gummies like shown over the last 3 days. It’s a heavy heady buzz imo very pleasant. The only weird thing is it seems to last way longer than I’d expected - I’ll eat 3 gummies (3mg) and have a nice buzz 7 hours later.

  14. The goal is to focus the most important topic rather choosing several . Thank you for completing the survey.

  15. I'm glad you pre-populated some of the hot button issues because many of my program complaints come at the time of an issue and then I forget about 'em. I'm talking about lack of required product labeling for terpenes, impossible to open concentrate containers, ill-informed budtenders giving my patients shit medical advice, etc...

  16. My only concern would be the packagaing date from 7 months ago. Cannabis flowers can last up to 18 months in such conditions, losing potency after around six to nine months of being in the jar. (It begins to lose its aroma and potency.) It is generally advisable to use fresh cannabis flower within six months, as most people cannot keep them in optimal conditions without fluctuations in temperature and humidity. But your bud looks 🔥🤪🤔.

  17. This was kept in jar from time of harvest through purchase date 3 months after that until now. It has been kept in a dark cabinet at room temperature for the 3 months I’ve been sitting on it trying to go through other flower. I had a glut for awhile.

  18. That flower is so old I can see the dust on it. Hope you didn’t pay more than $30. Klutch strikes again selling old dusty flower

  19. I took 2mL (66mg) and then another 2mL about an hour and a half later. I felt like it took about an hour to start kicking in. The first dose hit pretty Immediately and I felt very high, then the second dose crept on and I felt pretty good but not inebriated for several hours. I did not feel excessively tired or stoned.

  20. That sounds pretty ideal. Love when you get the long good vibes. Hopefully gummies are just as good

  21. I tried one gummy yesterday evening on a mostly empty stomach with a couple pistachios. I got a headache later and didn’t feel much at all.

  22. Hope that buckeye relief tray dosent fuck up those pretty galenas tricones... like they do their buds .. fuck electric trimmers

  23. I love the crosses BR has been doing but I wasn’t a fan of this one. Taste wise that it. It definitely gives off a pineapple pina colada vibe. The effects were on point though which is what means everything. Very uplifting and helped me focus.

  24. I appreciate your thoughts! I agree that the effect are uplifting, focusing and it takes a lot of purposeful chain-vaping on this cart to get the behind-the-eyes stone you get with most hybrids quicker or indicas immediately and I really dig that for my on-the-go use!

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