Newly unsealed documents from the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago put Trump in even worse legal peril, experts say

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  1. A lifetime of opulent consequence-free living has caused a form of brain damage where he can no longer comprehend the idea that his actions could result in negative outcomes.

  2. I am a physician who recommends medical marijuana daily to patients and I have my medical marijuana patient card. It helps me stay in the know to try all of the alternatives and minor ‘noids. I’ve always been an experimenter of course though.

  3. The tincture is quite good actually. It helps me a lot with insomnia. I just ordered more yesterday. The best tincture I have found so far though is by Spyglass.

  4. It did not make me somnolent, but I did take a nap and then fell asleep later with ease which was nice. Definitely a dreamlike high.

  5. I took 2mL (66mg) and then another 2mL about an hour and a half later. I felt like it took about an hour to start kicking in. The first dose hit pretty Immediately and I felt very high, then the second dose crept on and I felt pretty good but not inebriated for several hours. I did not feel excessively tired or stoned.

  6. You don't have cancer as a qualifying condition then. Most cancer pts that are renewing with me have chronic pain related to cancer, however, and that is a qualifying condition.

  7. My my chart from my oncology doc still says conditions being treated for : cancer…..

  8. I'm just telling you my perspective- I always ask about where a pt is in their cancer journey and if in remission they don't have it, but every time I can recall they have chronic pain so we renew with that.

  9. Update: after another two, I feel almost imperceptibly just ever so slightly heavy between the eyes. Conclusion is these aren’t potent enough to do anything worthwhile.

  10. I ate four of these throughout the day yesterday both on limited stomach contents and with plenty of fat. I don’t think they did anything at all. Just curious and hope to save anyone else the money trying something like this :)

  11. Woman, not offended as I didn't grow it, and it is decent smoking flower apart from the appearance. Unfortunately I do believe the smashability busts a lot of the precious resin glands which releases the volatile terpenes which then evaporate and you're left with less beneficial plant material (a.k.a. "less sticky icky").

  12. Their artifact packaging is better. Typically their 5.66/5th are in jars not bags.

  13. Because terpenes don’t have as strong or the same effect when digested vs vaporized.

  14. Yeah sure. Bloom is a shit hole, poorly ran, long lines, high staff turnover and no online order expedition. Herbology typically has a line out of the door and long waits. Terrasana, weekends or weekdays you are always in and out. Excellent customer service, they expedite online pickups as well. They have been the best ran operation with wait time and customer service imo.

  15. You've never been to the best dispensary in all of NE OH which is Amplify in Cleveland Heights. Stacking deals, daily sales, they take debit cards, super nice inside, I've never waited there in line ever at all.

  16. So this is basically an attachment to allow you to combust and smoke flower, but because it attaches to a $300 vaporizer, and that's what the smoke goes through, it's ok?

  17. YES- on the list of qualifying conditions is chronic traumatic encephalopathy which cannot yet be diagnosed while one is alive!!!

  18. Last I heard telemedicine appointments are a thing of the past now? Is that true? I haven’t followed intensely

  19. The vast majority of mmj recommendations made in OH are by video or phone visits and not in-person appointments.

  20. Chocolate Mint OG is so underrated. Definitely a unique Terp profile. It hit me like a serious indica

  21. The reason I got the Chocolate Mint OG today was because of the high myrcene content- I was out of my heavy-hitter sedating stare-at-frosted-glass indicas and saw this label!

  22. pb cookies is great, have you tried laser sword space monk?

  23. A lot of these "pesticides" are biological and natural, some are totally artificial. You'd have to search for studies of every individual one- inhaled or otherwise used like you'd have the flower- and look for safety data. I'm sure a couple of them have safety data but I'm too lazy to search up something like that to increase my anxiety over what to choose when the pesticide list for OH cultivators changes every single time I see it every few months.

  24. Yuck. I remember buying their products when I didn’t know any better with vape carts and if I get lung cancer one day it’ll be partly due to whatever the floral chemical painful shit is they put in MKX carts.

  25. So no carts because for me the worst time is like the first three hours I’m up so gummies will take very long to kick in especially since I have a slow metabolism

  26. There are "nano" fast-acting gummies in addition to tinctures which don't take as long as gummies to kick in.

  27. You will have to wait until you’re 18. Even then, you are subject to more stringent rules and regulations until you turn 21. But eventually you will find relief with us I promise

  28. I realized my Kangertech Evod VV battery only goes down to 3.2V which is still too hot for ideal live resin vaping. Nonetheless, this has been hitting at 3.2 like a champ- you get that big strong nose burn on the upper exhale. I ordered a lower range adjustable vape battery yesterday. Excited for even richer flavors and effects!

  29. Juicy fruity clean dank taste. Excellent uplifter without stoning me at all. Eucalyptol is a terpene we don’t see represented in high quantities often but here it serves as a wonderful uplifter. There isn’t much data at all on eucalyptol, but it may be helpful for muscle and/or gut spasms, inflammation, minor pain, and is apparently a bronchodilator and/or a cough suppressant. Highly recommend this unique and flavorful cart.

  30. Super juicy dab here. Looks like the rosin I used to get from FS before I realized how overpriced it was. Flavorful and rich with a ton of mood boosting courtesy of high limonene levels. Nothing stoning here but not a shot of espresso- nice uplifted buzz which has been great to wake up, work out, and just hang out on.

  31. the answer won't load for me so I'll take your word that is is expanding rather than imploding!

  32. So I’ve read. He’s going through his twice as fast as I am. He’s usually a little ahead of me in use but more so than usual now. I believe he’ll listen to me next time. 🤣

  33. MKX is garbage. I don’t do CO2 oil anything anymore. It’s just too harsh and doesn’t kick as hard as LR. Live resin are the only carts I’ll inhale now. They are just so much richer in flavor and effect than plain oil.

  34. So after a quick glance it doesn't seem like anything significant changed for patients. Anyone else see something that matters to us?

  35. Looks like criteria for indigent status is crossed out but there isn't any elaboration after:

  36. When I read it the only thing I saw that applied to patients was the wording about indigent status.

  37. Are they deleting it or what? I don't see the replacement text after the lined-out indigent status text after it says the status is to be determined by criteria from the Board.

  38. I'd love to collaborate on videos with you. I'm an MD, recommend to pts 5-6 days/wk, have a lot of info to share re: terps and patient-centered education. Looking for best way to disseminate info aside from the individual education sessions I do at point of new card/renewal appointment.

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