1. I matched this year. Took me four prior attempts but I didn’t have any guidance or mentorship and encountered some shit circumstances along the way. I heard of a guy who matched after 7 or 8 tries though so no record for me haha.

  2. Congratulations! That's a testament to your grit and determination. So happy for you!

  3. Currently taking oral and subQ BPC daily, using all forms of cannabis as a medical patient just about daily as well. No issues getting high, but have some anhedonia/apathy related to going to the gym, hanging out with a group of friends instead of one on one, or generally just leaving my place once I get home from work now. My generic Adderall quit working awhile back too which sort of sucks.

  4. It was just salt on the wound when the rogue tire came back and hit it again from the back!

  5. Avoid chizle- always dry and low quality harsh smoking flower. Same with Hemma for the three strains I’ve tried. Riviera Creek is overpriced mids. Rythm products suck, same with Vapen. Just low quality trash.

  6. I don’t eat red meat but I’m curious about the taste? I only really like jerky.

  7. Umami/salt is a very appealing flavor. So you actually added this to the steak first?

  8. Cultured it so to speak for 72hrs. Added the spores in powder form directly to meat surface.

  9. You’re too early in your career which hasn’t even started yet to tell programs what you plan to do with your derm training after they train you…

  10. I’ve never ever gotten coffee anything from eating natto. Then again, I think it smells and tastes like rotten soybeans sooo….

  11. OK I used much much more. The recipe called for a cup. I though that was much, but who am I to know. 😂 Next time I know better.

  12. A cup!!!! A cup of fish sauce!!! You don’t use more than maybe a teaspoon for smaller batches and maybe maybe half a tablespoon for larger ones. It is super strong.

  13. Folliculitis is a broad term. Do you know what kind of folliculitis you have, why you got it, or if it is for sure folliculitis at all? Is it recurrent? If so, treat the cause rather than repeated topical antibiotics. If recurrent can also occasionally shower with chlorhexidine as body wash to reduce S. aureus colonization on skin if you get abscesses and the like too.

  14. It's staph-related. It is folliculitis. It comes and goes--I get an outbreak perhaps twice a year after a strenuous workout when I don't wash quickly afterward. I limit the antibiotics to occasional spot treatment during a flare. And yes, I use chlorhexidine all over my body (Including my nose and belly button).

  15. In that case, you're doing what you can. No peptides show any evidence related to helping this. I wouldn't spend the money on peptides for this derm issue.

  16. EoD dosing bc 100mg every day seemed too much vs the 50mg daily I’d seen most women taking from online searching.

  17. Is yours only 100mg tablets? Is that why you’re going with EOD vs 50mg ED?

  18. I am looking to try my first PED and am 5’7” 126lbs lifting weights 6 days/wk, 30min walking uphill cardio 6 days/wk. Looking to lean out a bit around my stomach and perhaps gain more muscle or just tone. I am already in a pretty good place, can see my abs pretty clearly if I eat pretty clean/lower carb for a few days. I just started 100mg DHEA every other day as of today.

  19. You didn't wipe the pin with an alcohol pad first?

  20. When I first started semaglutide at what I understood was the lowest dose @ 250mcg

  21. 29 yo physician here, starting semaglutide next week. I’ve written for some zofran but how have you felt since starting - anything in particular help?

  22. Read my post history. I took a quarter of the 0.25mg dose the second week and it was still unbelievably hellish. Idk if Peptide Sciences's sema is just super potent or if I'm just an outlier...

  23. Morphine doesn’t apply to any of the medications or substances you mentioned so that likely doesn’t apply to you. BPC is not an opioid antagonist

  24. The study you posted was specifically about morphine. Tylenol is not morphine

  25. Okay, thanks. We were looking for cheap but effective solutions (food service workers, both of us).

  26. Cheapest is probably prescription for topical steroid and tretinoin bought using a GoodRx coupon, and either hydroquinone rx or Ambi over the counter lotion which has lower hydroquinone content but may be cheaper depending on your coverage.

  27. No. Go to a dermatologist and get the usual melasma treatment of avoidance of triggers (birth control typically), topical steroid, hydroquinone, and tretinoin. No amount of GHK-Cu topically will help as much as the trio above. We also use lasers (usually Nd:YAG) for recalcitrant cases or for those wanting faster results. Use mineral (zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) sunscreen daily.

  28. I also used semaglutide from peptide sciences. I had to cut the dose to 12.5mg for several weeks then to .15mg and finally .2mg. It was so much for me I was nauseous all the time and barely ate enough to maintain muscle mass.

  29. Currently taking the capsules which didn’t do much at all and just started my second cycle (last was a couple months ago) of subQ BPC-157 at 200mcg nightly.

  30. Tnx for this! I am also just starting and I don't have the kitchen, but i did just get myself a yogurt maker 😄 would it work with nonfat milk? 🤔

  31. Yes, but I’d suggest at least skim so you don’t get left with yogurt that is more like Gogurt

  32. Don’t do it orally. I am doing BPC-157-arginate orally currently and it is nearly ineffective compared to my prior subcutaneous BPC-157 cycle of approximately one month.

  33. What about nasal sprays? I an trying to poke myself less if I can help it and Amino Asylum had a few TB and selank nasal sprays, so I am thinking of trying nasal route. Thoughts? Personal experience with nasal?

  34. Intranasal BPC and intranasal Selank are both in transit to me currently from Gorilla Healing. My bf unexpectedly brought me 5mg BPC powder so I started injecting 200mcg of that nightly as of two nights ago. Ill finish the subQ and oral BPC before I try the intranasals. I’ll be hoping the intranasal BPC keeps the effects around longer so I can continue to break habits and establish good patterns.

  35. I am currently taking BPC orally, and starting about ten days in my Adderall became just about useless! I am taking 3x my normal dose with almost no motivation.

  36. Do you still get any other stimulant effects? Any other positives or negatives you’ve noticed from taking BPC orally?

  37. I get a brief minor stimulation in focus when the med absorbs- keep in mind that is at 5mg not my usual 2.5mg dose.

  38. Dang well I hope you can figure it out. All that sounds terrible. Good luck.

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