1. i got the aqua on first weapon pity!! i’m reaching near gold star for yelan pls pray for me that i win the 50/50😭

  2. Yeah, his most recent vod. If I remember correctly Dehya was buffed 3% in a bennett team and 9% in a bennettless team.

  3. Btw Old Q is lvl 1 and new Q id level 10, before people start hyping it up as a huge change

  4. this is nice physical really needs the help anyway. how much are the buffs tho🫦

  5. omg let them cook more finally found the correct recipe 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. wait whatttt that’s crazy? wtf personally I don’t use these methods for log ins but it’s so ??? to see Twitter going this way :(

  7. Companies (cough Netflix, Twitter, etc) doing everything to ruin their app any% speedrun

  8. true, with the netflix password cracking i hope they do not go thru w it 😡😡

  9. omg rmb that event where we had mushroom summons? maybe the spawn a snake works somewhat like that? or it could just be burst animation things lol idk

  10. Maybe you could consider 2DPC, 2VV? Fodder whatever you don’t like for VV artis

  11. My half joke theory is that Dehya was made as a niche Scaramouche support and her kit is the result of balancing her so she's not good in other teams and she won't powercreep Faruzan

  12. i ugly cackled at this the amt of copium we hv for dehya god😭😭

  13. ukw i thought by now we would either have a how much dehya would make burgeon/burning better in % or dehya vs xiangling dps…not whatever this is LMAO

  14. nothing makes me smile harder today than seeing all that wanderer nahida birthday posts i love their dynamic so much because their stories are literally parallels of each other i trust nahida so much to take care of our babygirl

  15. don’t know how to feel about team china’s comments on any leak😭they have their own issue with reliability

  16. correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't team china only have access to pservers where a lot of things could be missing from the game files?

  17. yes it’s a very strong cons especially when you need a huge finisher and u can try getting c6 faru on his banner if you haven’t got the chance this time

  18. how the hell does the dpc artifact domain gives me anyth but a stat with crit ??? it's like my luck ran up within 10runs of the domain and it decided to be an ass ever since. scara please fetch urself some artifacts

  19. oh my god i suddenly remembered dehya is dropping at 3.5 probably holy hell now i need to backtrack and sacrifice either yelan or alhaitham for her

  20. my jaw absolutely dropped when i saw the number changes to alhaitham WHAT THE FUCK ???

  21. hiii just wanted to ask c1r1 yelan havers, or anybody that knows her well does the c1 help offset the energy issues by using aqua? or is it still not enough compared to c0 with fav bow?

  22. ngl nkdwmn69 or smth along the lines has me rolling it’s such a funny name 💀💀💀💀

  23. i got it for the fragile resin as well and i don't really mind it (though i don't think it was worth the cost) because scaramouche matches the dark blue of the namecard

  24. yeah true it matches really well i just don’t rly like what’s going on in there it’s rly not my vibe but ughhh the fragiles

  25. Please don't tell me that boss is gonna be Ruin serpent 2.0 where it just hides underground...

  26. unrelated but we have the same pfp 😭

  27. OH shit best QoL update yet let's goooooooo


  29. FR IM SO READY TO ADOPT HIM and make him smile please no more suffering 😭💔

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