1. how could you fail MATH 106 it’s the easiest math course they offer here

  2. You can try transferring to CE, get some exposure to hardware and software. It will be less competitive to transfer than SE/CS id assume.

  3. It would probably be a bit harder since in 1st year I think a decent amount of courses are shared between Tron and Mech, definitely less than CE where you would have to take more courses to catch up when you transfer. I was suggesting it since CE is likely better for exposing yourself to more programming without CS/SE, and it has more programming than Tron. (You will still be doing a lot of boring hardware courses in CE though which you may or may not be interested in).

  4. Depends on if they stay in Waterloo over co-op. If not then yeah you likely will not see them very often.

  5. Any decent ultrabook with decent specs will do (mac or windows). For the applications you need for ece you are gonna be using lab computers or remote desktop anyway.

  6. You should maybe do some side projects and start thinking about how to make your resume but it isn't a big deal. Stream 4's have less competition for first co-op compared to Stream 8, so if you have at least some decent things to put on your resume, you shouldn't have trouble finding a job.

  7. I’ve been hearing a lot about “side projects” how exactly do I start with these things? Where do I find these opportunities?

  8. Join a design team, go watch some tutorials on stuff you wanna learn and try building it. Maybe do a hackathon.

  9. Just get the 12 or 13. If you can get a good deal on the 12 get that, otherwise get the 13. Even if you don't use your phone for much getting a newer model will ensure it lasts you a very long time.

  10. 1A is not that hard, mostly high school review. I found 1B a lot harder, but if you made it into the program you are smart enough to get through so don't stress.

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