Post Game Thread: Los Angeles Rams (12-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (10-7)

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  1. Worked with several of these people at an office in Norwood (IYKYK) it is most definitely without a doubt a cult.

  2. Also. I was definitely explicitly asked, multiple times by multiple co workers/Gladstone members, to join the community (common purse and all). I was close to doing it and I am so, so glad I didn’t. My life would look so different if I had.

  3. Hey, that happened to me too! Wasn’t that amazing how they basically took the company over?

  4. Traveling without the ball and chain of having to sneak weed. And no more having to wonder if my wife would love me if she knew the real me.

  5. Very well said, I can tell you’re a writer! It really was like a ball and chain for me, constantly having to strategize and think (completely in secret) about when I could get away from people and be able to smoke (or vape) next. It made it impossible to be present with people!

  6. Yes it's close to two months now, everyday, almost all day long. Hot showers help a little relieve the discomfort and one hit eliminates it.

  7. Yeah it sounds like you have it. The only thing that’s worked for me is eliminating all cannabis intake, and I don’t tell you that smiling. It’s not easy or fun. It’s just a reaction your body has, everyone is different. For some it’s medicine and for others it can be poison, and it can be both for the same person at different times.

  8. I'm hoping a brief period of 100% avoidance will allow me to vape small amounts of flower later.

  9. That should be a good starting point. I’d start with a minimum of two weeks off and see how your body reacts. I had to go to the doctor to get diagnosed and it sounds like you at least avoided that. My doc said it’s related to how strong weed is nowadays which makes sense.

  10. Thank you for asking. The suicidal thoughts stopped after 3.5 years. Still happen but not as frequently.

  11. You are an incredibly resilient person to have made it through that, and I hope you know that you are worthy of good things. You deserve to keep living so you can experience them.

  12. If you mean Cincy area I’d say Sunnyside and nowhere else unless you’re rich

  13. I smoked wax for 2 years straight every waking moment couldn't stop myself from not smoking at work to the point where my job is on the line I have 45 days before another drug test after being clean for a month I'm terrified I won't pass the test pure thc stays in for so much longer I found this post by accident good to know I'm not the only "fool" who can't just have a day smoke without 2 years going by sitting here like wtf is wrong with me (struggled with weed since I was 14 now 28) my main problem is in my fucked head I still see nothing wrong with weed but in reality if I can't put it down is it the problem or am I

  14. I hear exactly what you’re saying but try not to be so hard on yourself. For people like you and me there’s really no moderation - it’s either smoke weed all the time or not at all. This is neither good or bad, it just is. Besides the potential to keep your job have you noticed any positives from not being high all the time? Are you saving money?

  15. Yes currently I can't sleep at all was insomniac before and in-between smoking but I noticed that when I do sleep it does more for me then before I feel more awake at work more alert my brain seems to process learning new systems faster I work faster with less effort it's like the fog is clearing and I can make more responsible decisions about my future instead of what's just infront of me but man I hate it part of me just hates being sober wonder if I'll ever get to the point where sobriety is a normal feeling sometimes I feel out of place being sober I'm more social iv always been heavily anti social but I noticed my patience has degraded too idk its a struggle but as long as I just don't relapse and ever let myself think just one night just one more day I think I can get through this career or high..... I'm too old to keep choosing high over every thing

  16. I relate to this a lot. I have this urge to spend time with friends and even get involved with the community sometimes but I have always prioritized smoking over all and then I ignore all my texts and proceed to sit alone and high. The worst part is I love it. But I know it's causing me to be depressed and I have the feeling I'm letting everyone in my life down. Not to mention increased social anxiety from be stoned all of the time. It's like I forget how to socialize completely. Working towards sobriety myself. Stay strong friend ✊

  17. I totally relate too. For me I get what you’re saying specifically. I’ve been sober from weed for 6 weeks now and it’s like the barrier in between me connecting with, and even wanting to connect with the people I love and that love me has been lifted. I’m no longer constantly looking forward to being alone and able to get high so I can truly be present. It’s an amazing gift (no pun intended 😊) I wish you the absolute best in your sobriety journey. Not always easy but it is SO worth it!

  18. Agreed with the other comment, it looks kinda fucked up if I’m honest

  19. Couldn't have said it better brother/sister. Never thought of some of the things you mentioned. Makes total sense though. How long have you been in program if you don't mind me asking?

  20. Said if keif is on the menu the same week that the same company has flower on sale he won't buy flower from that company because its the keif from the flower. Said he noticed GO has been most notorious of doing this.

  21. Opinions are subjective, so I’m not going to berate anyone for saying the event didn’t live up to expectations. But man, this thread features some of the whiniest comments about the doc, I’ve ever heard.

  22. I don’t think it was really bad but it was def 20 or 30 mins too long. How many COVID tests do we need to see video of? Plus… $100 a ticket, I feel entitled to whine. Lol

  23. And he’s looking pretty darn good for being 65 years old and spending a whole lot of time in the sun!

  24. What do you mean using a 3d printer?

  25. All the flower looks suspiciously similar/uniform from one strain to the next. It doesn’t look very natural.

  26. ya first I had from them was Secret Sauce or Special Sauce. It was really good then later I got some more and it wasn't nearly as good, although it still did the job. imo these growers are not pushing themselves %100 and if you're not, why are you even in the industry?

  27. Because their competitors are doing the same so they get away with it

  28. I didn’t stay for all of Badu as I had an early morning. Bummed as she is amazing.

  29. You’re good man. Nothing musically is amazing in that god-forsaken arena.

  30. No one likes the current system, not the operators, not the patients, not even the state (MMCP regulators HATE some of the stupid-ass rules they're saddled w/ enforcing. BoP doesn't even want to do this job and it shows.).

  31. Super insightful comment. From what you see though is not a lot of flower rushed to market by cultivators in our program? It blows my mind the lack of trichomes on a lot of it.

  32. Define "rushed to market"? Trichomes are either there or not, and they're (generally) not harvesting weeks early. Easiest way to tell is look at your flower w/ a jewlers loupe or resin scope (like...10$ on amazon). If the trichs are milky or amber you're g2g, if they're predominantly clear, the flower was harvested too early.

  33. Word. Part of my question stems from how hard it is to find actually sticky flower in our market. Probably just validates what you said about no competition which would just make me think our top tier product doesn’t have to be as high as other states.

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