1. Bought one prepandemic (old controller) and have had zero issues. It’s a great “starter” smoker if you have never done it before. Having used it for 3+ years and learned all I have, I am ready for an upgrade, however, she’s still going strong. Are there small nuances I would like done differently? Yes. However, for the price point, I have no regrets especially because I was able to secure mine for sub $400. I don’t think you’ll regret it especially if you’re taking a flyer on learning on it. That’s exactly what I did. I was Jon Snow before I bought mine. Scoop it, watch a butt ton of How to BBQ Right (Malcom Reed-Killer Hogs) on YouTube and enjoy.

  2. It’s not for everyone. People handle gore very differently and that was a pretty graphic scene. I think it’s unfair to put unneeded pressure there if he wants out

  3. Even besides that, GoT did feel a bit like torment each week. It was often very good, but my experience was that you watch with low grade anxiety humming the whole time, and your stomach being somewhat clenched. It’s rarely just a fun or light watch. It’s gruelingly intense to almost abusive many other times.

  4. The battle of the bastards when Jon is struggling to breathe…my fear on screen

  5. Love bear mountain. Have had zero issues and seem to be well made, not much dust in the bag

  6. It’s what I’ve gone over to all the time now. On Amazon and often on discount (I set up a camel camel camel for it). Good product.

  7. Same. They also have had b1g1 on their webpage I’ve gotten a few times

  8. Don’t have a specific answer but not sure if this is a little helpful or not

  9. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  10. Don't kill me for saying this, but there is a thing as too much smoke. It is possible to over-smoke something.

  11. That’s a YUUUUGE cup of gelato, some would say the biggest. The best.

  12. Sorry if my post was confusing. I was asking about using them in the pellet smoker. The chips would be mixed with pellets 50/50. (Then go in the hopper)

  13. Its appears to work in LSG pellet smokers. I just dont know enough about LSG pellet grills and why it works in their Pellet Grills. If it cant work in my CampChef SG why? Thats what I am trying to figure out.

  14. I feel like it can get clamped down in your auger and jam it which could cause a catastrophic failure. A caught pellet will dust, wood chunks will not. You’re playing with literal fire

  15. I scooped the Japanese version to save the $ 🤣 love that artwork (and not first edition, to save even more 🤣)

  16. To my knowledge, the price you submitted at should still be good, since the invoice (the submission sheet) already shows the price you will pay. One thing is to make sure that its postmarked before your expiration date.

  17. Thank you, I am figuring as much, they have the delivery already and I have 19 days remaining. I did select 20 day service but that’s business so I just was curious. Thanks for taking the time to answer

  18. Dawn Powerwash for the stainless stuff, it works wonders and cuts through the smoker grease like it’s nothing

  19. Was his death confirmed? He may or may not have been exploded once or twice. But that's 7-8 lives left.

  20. I see nothing about death being a requirement for qualification. I believe he is the reason Drogon decided to flee Kings Landing

  21. Red pill. Gravity smoker. Same set it and forget it simplicity as a pellet - but instead of pellets use real wood and charcoal for better smoke penetration, and consequently- a better tasting final smoke product. Additionally, great at grilling too - but that's not what you're looking for. I used to own a treager - that was pretty dependable. I've heard good things about recteq pellet smokers and smokin' brothers.

  22. I’ve read minimal positive things about Traeger on here over the past year

  23. I have two of these and want to crack them so bad.

  24. I had 3, son wanted to crack them all, caved and we did one…full art flareon worth about $11 was our hit…don’t do it

  25. I have seen less people regret keeping a card than getting rid of one

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