1. I think its because Vitality has more of a chance to do well at Lock In because Vitiality has 2 very winable games vs Global and either Zeta or Leviatan and then could upset Liquid or Navi, but Giants would have to get through NRG/KOI and what is most likely to be Loud, and if you swapped where the teams were placed, we would be talking about Giants alot more

  2. Vitality vs LEV is "very winnable" for Vitality? Lol

  3. i thought he was gonna say "you ugly as fuck"

  4. i put 99999999999 points for navi why isn't that showing up here

  5. Congrats to the first player to have played in all 3 major regions ig?

  6. He was going to Guild if they qualified but something happened and The Barbers reversed the momentum they've been getting :/

  7. North is relatively stacked, nice to see a Mexican core too :D

  8. Acabando su cita les entregan una Constancia de Situación Fiscal, conmigo tenía mi deadname como "Nombre Comercial" por que ya había trabajado y pagado impuestos con ese nombre. Intenten que ahí mismo lo corrijan o lo quiten, pero si no así es como yo lo corregí:

  9. Genuine question because I don't watch much EMEA, is chronicle rated so highly in your eyes based on his regional performances or masters berlin? I know they are insane but was wondering why Leo and Chronicle are rated so highly compared to some of the other flex players like Crashies and Asuna for example?

  10. Berlin wasn't even Chronicle's best performance, it was Champs 21. But he still did well last year and was playing other roles. I think many people rate him for his LAN performance overall, consistency, and flexibility

  11. Personally hoping that David Beckham stars in Bend it like Beckham 2 as a disgruntled once-great player forced to coach a plucky upstart. That’s give me some confidence in Guild’s future in esports

  12. The story should be that he has no choice but to become an esports pro, like Players but with Beckham

  13. The us alone is almost bigger than EMEA almost not including Russia.

  14. I disagree. An earlier comment said that VCT Spain: Rising was a combination of 3 countries that then got split up. And I'm willing to bet the viewership for those separate leagues will be lower than the combined league they had. So clearly Riot is willing to split up/create more T2 leagues even if it's detrimental to viewership so Riot could easily do the same in NA with conferences (which is how it's done in traditional NA sports). Then you'd add an additional 12 teams to overall America's which would be a lot better.

  15. That was necessary because Italy and Portugal had 0 orgs or opportunities to make it into the VRL.

  16. Fanbase kinda ruined some aspects of Spanish Valorant for me but otherwise I'm mostly lukewarm on them. I like Giants and to an extent KPI, Rebels, and Case because of their history in Valorant and Lembo but I don't consider myself a fan.

  17. is the ascension tournament for the whole world or for each region?

  18. Each of the 3 main regions gets an Ascension tourney

  19. Also, does it allow you for the franchise slot in this year? Or next year?

  20. How would you play in franchising this year if Ascension is at the same time/after Champs

  21. I was hoping they would try for Ascension but that's not good enough for them it seems. Now MOUZ look like the only tier 1 organisation in EMEA Challengers which is surprising. I'd thought more tier 1 orgs would want to try to make the partnered league.

  22. Alliance and Guild wanted to start new projects but didn't in the end :/

  23. They still can pick up one of the 6 FA rosters in Polaris whenever they want tbf lmao

  24. Sure but I feel like if they wanted to they would already have done that, Alliance's WIP project is now scattered throughout the league, Guild was planning on picking up the Barbers but hasn't picked up either of the teams that beat them

  25. Most EMEA Challengers have already started and the qualifier system didn't really help them due to region restrictions and scheduling

  26. I think he's tilted as the way his team choked. He said it on his stream that they threw 2 matches. Just speculation.

  27. Derke should have retired after Reykjavik ngl

  28. Wait now I want G2 to win Ascension, we continue the beef AND get Shahz vs SEN

  29. That means nothing? If anything it proves my point more that their roster wasn't supposed to win anything if a B tier entry is their best player, no?

  30. Jawgemo ironically was probably their best player and of that caliber though


  32. As always, politics are disallowed on the sub, according to Rule 5. This is a place to discuss VALORANT esports. Seeing as this post connects the issues with esports, we will leave the thread up. However, comments that specifically discuss politics without relating the issue to esports will be removed. There are other subreddits for discussing politics specifically.

  33. I hope so too but I haven't seen anything that indicates there is points for champs...

  34. Why would you not get points for Champs lol

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