U.S. FDA says abortion pills can be sold at retail pharmacies

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  1. Have had to use this method once before with a partner. It is not something to be taken lightly or without care, it is harrowing. Every woman I know that has used this method has sworn never to use it again, and would rather go to an abortion clinic.

  2. I am going through the process right now after a miscarriage. The contractions are as bad as my labor pains with my living baby, when they gave me an epidural. For this I was prescribed ibuprofen.

  3. See y'all at Home Depot later today! I suppose there'll still be some pipe wrapping stuff today, but I sure wouldn't count on there being any tomorrow through next weekend.

  4. I just measure it by my kid’s age. I was 9 months pregnant when the freeze happened snd she’s nearly 2, so yep… 2 years!

  5. We had a newborn (1 month old) baby when the freeze happened, turning 2 this month. That was the worst week of my life. Will never forget trying to keep my baby warm and the mental toll it took on us

  6. I too have an old home and an orange kitty. Are those scratch marks I see on the woodwork? Kitty cat “art” 🤪

  7. I just did this with 7 different types of pumpkins—two of the types with white seeds molded overnight as they laid out to dry :(

  8. What variety of white pumpkins were they? I’m looking for a better yielding white variety.

  9. All the small white snowball pumpkin seeds molded, and most of the large white pumpkin seeds. I also tried to save some from a baking pumpkin and those molded too. The ones that dried out as usual were a large “Cinderella” pumpkin, one labeled a “giant” pumpkin, and the “blue delight” which is a greenish pumpkin. I’m just saving them for fun, my nephews want to try and grow some next year and I would like to save 80 bucks getting some free ones from them! :)

  10. Disclaimer, this subject is somewhat heated for me.

  11. My baby was born Dec. 28th. It’s not ideal, but what can you do? Rather than worrying about it, just vow to make your child’s birthday special regardless of when it is. For us, we decided we will celebrate Christmas as normal, take everything down right after Christmas and switch to birthday mode. To avoid tons of presents getting lost between the two days, we’re planning to do traditional gifts on Christmas and more experience gifts for birthday. Look at it this way, if they’re born between Christmas/new Years you will always have time off on their birthday to do fun things!

  12. My 1905 home has no subfloors either. You can see straight through to the ground below in several places 🥴


  14. Zone 9A, Houston. I am expecting to see yellow ladybug eggs in the next few days after releasing a bunch on this plant. Covered in red aphids a couple days ago and they are slowly being eaten. This morning I went to check the ladybugs and found all these black and white spots that look like eggs?

  15. Are those floors heart pine? Sure do look like it after sanding down that dark stain that was previously used. Breathtaking.

  16. I think it’s pine too. My 1905 Houston home has the same floors, skinny plank, and they look just like this (except not as nice 🥴)

  17. Home built in 1905 in Houston. A couple owners, then became a rent house, then condemned, until the previous owner purchased it in the 90s. He says these were the original wood cabinets in the kitchen when he bought it. Then painted them hot pink :).

  18. I know it looks cute, but please dont let your kitty drink from a bird bath. Birds have a habit of pooping in and around them. That's an excellent way for your cat to catch Toxoplasmosis, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Giardia, and possibly worms.

  19. Really appreciate the info! I do try to keep her away (just like I tried to keep her indoors for years 😭) but she has a way of getting what she wants. I refresh the water often but the day after a rain it’s always kinda gross.

  20. Are you in a place and a climate where the trees are going dormant for winter, and are losing their leaves?

  21. Typically we don’t play with the lookalikes unless real kitty is outside, we can tell it bothers her 🥹 she walked in on me cleaning up during toddler naptime though

  22. Wowwww what a beautiful home!! I love those decorative things along the roofline. Does it flood where you are? I’ve noticed a lot of Australian homes are elevated?

  23. Future owners of my house. "We pulled down some drywall and there's dicks drawn on the inside of the wall"....

  24. For me it’s the smells and stains. I can clean till everything is “spotless” but there’s still spots..on the floors, trim, window frames….

  25. YES!!! And, because the flooring is all just a single layer of pine, in most places if the basement lights are on I can see light through the cracks…. So, you know what a 200YO stone foundation in a moist area smells like. I feel like that emanates into the rest of the house.

  26. Same here, except we’re in Houston (no basements) so the gaps in my floorboards just look down to the crawl space (dirt) below. We had the floors refinished before we moved in and made the mistake of having the cracks filled with wood filler/sawdust mix. After walking on them a few months the filler began to pop out and we could se through the cracks again. Super fun walking through the house and seeing sunlight through the floors!!

  27. House of Antique Hardware has a lot of nice ones. For modern fixtures with a nod to older styles, Rejuvenation and Schoolhouse Electric also have some

  28. How wide is the center hallway? Looks so much like my house! We have an 8’ wide center hall with 4 symmetrical rooms coming off the hallway (2 rooms on each side).

  29. Weirdly enough it doesn’t really have much of a hallway. It used to be a duplex and was updated to a single residence. The layout is funky! Main living room opens to another living area to the right, or the formal dining room toward the middle. There’s sort of a hall in the middle of the of the house that connects the two sides but it’s very short and L shaped. It’s almost laid out like two shotgun houses squished together, left side is living area, formal dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook, laundry room, right side is smaller second living area, bedroom, bedroom. Theres a full bath in the middle between the kitchen and first bedroom, and a smaller half bath between the laundry and back bedroom. It’s almost maze like. *edited typos

  30. Thanks!! So interesting! I know you’ll have lots of fun making it your own ☺️🤪

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