1. You need to know that Ryanair is pronounced the same forwards and backwards.

  2. Yeah that’s not going to happen. I’d rather make his life mildly annoying for a bit.

  3. You need to take away his perceived power. He is obviously very week that.he resorts to racial and sexually demeaning comments. Momma obviously didn't raise him right. So teach him a lesson, one that stings right down to his very fiber of being. He sounds immature so anything along the lines of public embarrassment would most likely work

  4. If that lake dries up, there’s going to be clouds of arsenic rich dust blowing up all over the metro area. Obviously a dumb idea to put the city there in the first place, but you’ve got an catastrophe brewing if they can’t get water back into the lake.

  5. Any regional will probably hire you, but most ppl apply multiple times to mainline. Keep trying!

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