1. Isn’t sambo a taboo term for black people what the hell is wrong with you dude this isn’t even funny also imagine a person with a taxi driver pfp being more sane than you

  2. I feel this is satire I mean who uses this😱emoji Un ironically and she does know that every state does things differently and it’s not the same right also fake Covid propaganda also many jobs like being a garbage man pay a hell of a lot I don’t watch the news much but since when did it have such “Sinophobic” propaganda that she talks about also living in the us for 3 months and she said that it was garbage I’ve lived here since 2018 and a lot of the states here have decent pricing on a-lot of things well to me anyway this person is a twitter user tho so I don’t really expect anything intelligent to be said from them this is just anti us commie bs

  3. Are these people actually real like I know that there on the internet a lot but like what’s the chance of you seeing them in real life that’s if their go outside anyway

  4. these people are at every white nationalist rally in DC

  5. People say aliens built Stonehenge and it’s nowhere as impressive as the Mayan pyramids

  6. But the Stonehenge is just rocks I guess it’s because it has symbolism behind it or something🤷‍♂️

  7. in fairness they're pretty fucking big rocks (called megaliths for a reason) and some of them are from Wales (long way to drag a stone). There's also evidence to suggest it was built as communal effort between several more or less independent groups of people during a time in England where there was no central Imperial or Royal authority. Imo it's fairly impressive as a neolithic monument once that's taken into consideration. The aliens thing, however, is bullshit. Most of the Alien arguments cite the fact that Stonehenge was built so that on the summer and winter solstice the sun rises between some of the stones, and the implication neolithic humans couldn't count or work with a calendar is frankly insulting, especially since solstices almost always have religious implications.

  8. Yeah I looked at it and there pretty damn big so that is actually a good argument I mean I searched up when they were built and it said around 2500 bc that’s when the most famous ancient civilizations were getting their start plus a lot of invasions happened of England so maybe the invaders built them then again I’m pretty sure there were lots of natives of England before the saxons Norman’s Vikings or any others came

  9. Is it just me or is the right obsessed with emojis especially on Facebook there like scammers in YouTube comment sections

  10. The evil 👿communist ⬅️LEFTISTS⬅️ 😡❌️🚫 want to TAKE AWAY 🤯 our rights as 🇺🇲REAL AMERICANS 🇺🇲🦅🎆and our emojis!!!1!😡😡🤬

  11. They want to take away😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬our emojis how⚜️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏈💵💸 dare they🦅🦅🦅🦅Donald trump all the way😡🇺🇸😡😡😡🇺🇸🇺🇸🤬🇺🇸🦅💸💵🏈freedom and democracy

  12. bulwark hurl is a complete troll there’s no way a grown man just sits on his computer every single day making racist memes but then again some people are really dedicated to hating other people because of something they can’t control

  13. “Bit light on inventions”I’m guessing this is referring to Africans which they have invented a lot of things that shaped the modern world Egyptians invented the calendar and even astronomy they also invented one of the first languages hieroglyphics and also architecture was a big thing in ancient africa and the inventions of medicine so I don’t get what this person is trying to say so I don’t get why do they think all of Africa is an uncivilized barbaric places when a lot of cities their are beautiful and it’s where civilization really began I mean overall the thing that makes racist stupid is not because they hate the color of a persons skin but them not acknowledging the fact that cultures around the world will be different and people will think differently also there lack of effort in trying to learn the history of others and just immediately being racist it’s complete idiotic anyways kinda went on a rant at the end there.

  14. Well I just can’t comprehend the idea of racism it’s just hating someone for being different than you in the slightest way possible to the point where it shouldn’t even matter but the world isn’t fair and that’s how life has been forever

  15. No shoes short sleeves it’s most likely cold there no matter the map and to top it off I’m wearing Christmas pajamas for pants

  16. there still just gonna make racist homophobic transphobic etc. jokes and call it off as a joke cowards

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