1. 2 of the players you mentioned have higher stats on jett than chamber, including KD ratio, which easily disproves your less than stellar comment

  2. High 30s? With the looks he's getting he should be able to stay in the mid 40s

  3. simply put, by grinding you become a winner in game and a loser in real life.

  4. there’s lost potential in the name starting with a single consonant. for optimization he should change his name to stroldschmidt

  5. It is the opposite. There are two things happening. Going downstairs, and saying you're going bot. If there was only one thing, like saying "you're going bot", then the opposite would be saying "you're going top". But with two, swapping and is the opposite. Don't really know how to explain it better than that. It might just be that French has more strict rules about opposites, but unfortunately I don't speak it.

  6. Yeah I've always thought that was dumb. Feels like people misheard ship and ran with it.

  7. Pretty sure this isn’t the origin, but I always associated it with a $25k casino chip or something. You win and you get a chip. A token of prestige.

  8. hhjhnngngnhnblblb ... hhgnjfgkhlglhlblbbl (thats me getting hit by the wall twice)

  9. I unfoIIowing yuli gurriel no shot he goes yankees....yankees come on gurriel u betray astros how ccould u do dis. If i was gurriel, i would sabotage the yankees from the inside like imposter from amogus

  10. i thought op's steve was gonna be an analogy for steve arachnid or whatever his name is

  11. And maybe we should all learn a thing or two about getting along despite our differences

  12. I know Judge is a great athlete, but I had no idea he's a pro footballer, baseballer, and politician! How does he have that much time?

  13. Good job MLB. You gave a cheating organization another World Series title. Zero credibility to this sport right now

  14. I've watched a lot of baseball in my 39 years of living, I've never seen a no hitter before. Crazy to think it was done by an away team in the world series after losing 7-0 the night before.

  15. i vowed to never watch baseball again after watching the astros get clobbered last night. i missed a no hitter

  16. Not sure, wasn't there. I bet they hit the ball, though.

  17. What does CPI mean in this context? Bc to me it means continuous process improvement and I know that’s not right

  18. remove fracture, worst map by far. Breeze is actually fun to play and watch imo, alot of creative ways to play the map as both attackers and defenders

  19. It feels a little bit complicated, I literally thought Patiphan went back to OW because he loves that dead game, believe he retired because wrist injury

  20. I wonder how he's gonna keep doing in-studio interviews like this if he stays in Austin.

  21. he said he was gonna try and get as much of these recorded before everyone moves

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