1. Are they flesh colored? Fordyce spots?

  2. For me the full spectrum products work the best for me. Some of the other products get me high enough to not be bothered by the pain so much, but both FECO (full extract cannabis oil) and RSO (rick Simpson oil) actually make me not hurt.

  3. I attached 6 foot stockade fence panels to 3 - 4 foot chain link fence by drilling holes through the wood panels and securing them to the chain link fence and to each other with heavy duty zip ties and it stayed well for a few years. We'd have a zip tie break every once in a while but not as often as I thought we would.

  4. My kitten just had a spray surgery last Friday and I've given up trying to make her be chill. The pain med they gave her after the surgery made her so hyper and I swear she didn't really sleep for days! I tried to keep her in a large dog cage, but she was literally climbing its' walls and rolling all over in her litter box, which just seemed like a really bad idea for her incision. She's doing great regardless. Her incision looks really good, no lumps or signs of infection. I did try to remove any access to super high places so she can't jump down from them, and for the 1 medium height area I can't block off, I put a dog cushion on the floor so if she jumps it's cushioned at least. She did pick up a habit of splashing in the water bowl when she was high from the meds and I really hope that wears off!

  5. My cat (6 months old) just had the spay surgery on Friday and I was a little nervous too, but she's been doing great! She doesn't try to mess with the stitches at all, and even though she took to rolling around in her litter 🤢 (probably due to coming off the anesthesia or as a side effect of the pain med) her incision still looks great with no signs of infection. Other than the fact that the pain med they gave her made her absolutely bonkers for a few days, she's been her normal crazy little self. She doesn't act bothered or in pain even one bit.

  6. When this happened to mine I used a cargo bag strapped to the top.

  7. I own them and use them under my clothes but I guess mine are low quality because they don’t keep me warm.

  8. Check out Zulily!! I often find sheet sets much cheaper than the stores and the quality of the ones I've bought are very good.

  9. Oh my gosh, I would not be surprised if the white spotted dog was somehow related to my dog, who looks and acts a lot like her! She can be a pretty intense/pushy greeter and some dogs can take it the wrong way.

  10. TIL interior Alaska has faster DSL internet than SW Missouri.

  11. Same here. I'm in small town Ohio between Columbus and Cleveland and the best I can get is "up to 6" Mbps.

  12. Wellness services are different from the accident/illness insurance and accident/illness insurance doesn't cover wellness such as vaccines and worming, etc.

  13. I just wanted things to be peaceful again, and it doesn't seem like anything I do makes it peaceful. There's always some complaint about me.

  14. I think you are right that nothing you do will make it peaceful - this is who he is as a person.

  15. Good Clean Love also has a vaginal health probiotic supplement that contains crispatus, the probiotics are listed under inactive ingredients:

  16. Baclofen has helped me best for spasms.

  17. Crocs sneakers! Crocs Women's Literide Pacer Lace-up Sneakers

  18. She’s beautiful! One of my torties is also named Turtle!

  19. I don't believe that - I'm 5'1" 110 lbs and had both my babies vaginally, my first was 8lb 15oz. It was a lot of work of course, but didn't seem unusually difficult and I didn't have any complications. I know lots of people my size who did fine as well, including my grandma and sis who are both 4'11".

  20. I'm not sure if this would apply in your situation but it's a good thing to know - if your parent's insurance responsibly is part of any child support or court order like from a divorce, your parents may have to provide you insurance for as long as you are eligible, which is now age 26. One of my kids wanted to get off my insurance to use one of their own and I was told by my work that I could not remove them without modifying the court order until they are 26.

  21. Interested! Right now the only thing I have available is 6Mbps through CenturyLink.

  22. I think it's important to teach dogs the things they need to know for a harmonious life with you. The military regiments and training by the book aren't needed for most companion dogs.

  23. I love left and right, it's so useful! My hound learned it very fast from running with me, my older beagle mix learned it mostly from her.

  24. Hocking Hills Canoe Livery has a campground with some primitive sites, some are large and good for groups.

  25. I've seen these on menus at a few different dispensaries in Ohio - Cuyahoga Falls, Columbus and Dayton. I think you just have to see what stores are carrying.

  26. Like lets say if someone loves their pet but then in a fit of rage, kicks the dog as hard as they can to release their anger. Then regret it later.

  27. I'm not sure that we know for sure, but dogs read and remember energy very well. If you kick a dog on accident - like if they walk under your feet - there's not really a lot of emotion tied to it, maybe even positive emotions if then the dog likely gets an apology and pats and love.

  28. My guess would be yeast infection "curds" mixed with old blood.

  29. I am hoping to get tested next month. I’ve had an inexplicable itchy clitoris since a YI in February. The infection resolved but then they suspect BV. So I did boric acid for 2 weeks. Still no one has actually TESTED me for anything. It’s infuriating to not be able to get legitimate medical care despite paying hundreds for every fucking visit. I have to wait 8 months to see a vulvar dermatologist and I don’t even have a vulvar issue! It’s infuriating. I’m glad you found out you were positive and can get treated now.

  30. Maybe you could order your own test, like the Juno one. Skip the doctor, skip the wait, shows you your entire microbiome and probably cheaper than a doctor visit

  31. I’ve actually considered it! I wasn’t sure if I could translate the results into helpful info or if It checked for ureaplasma.

  32. I think it does, but you could double check. I did the test as part of their "pilot" and the results were very easy to understand.

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