1. I wish people wouldn't care about that. It's all sent by underpaid interns anyway.

  2. Who can’t afford a Pixel and have to use iPhones?

  3. Somebody who buys used iPhones? But that's not the point anyway.

  4. Why the fuck are people interested in that nonsense in the first place? She's literally doing things we all do every day. It's just edited in a cute way.

  5. I like this kind of videos 🤷

  6. I don't disagree with you liking it, but people are jeopardizing their jobs for it. Working at Apple is a very hard opportunity to get

  7. I just said I like videos like this, i.e. vlogs that show a person's day, edited in a cute way. I didn't say someone has to jeopardize their job. If you work at e.g. Pentagon and decide to vlog there, that's on you.

  8. About that… Back then when I got impatient, I used cheat codes.

  9. For extra nonsense do an iPhone 13 version too.

  10. It’s because your too close so the camera switches to the ultra wide which has a lower minimum focus distance

  11. While also doing 2x digital zoom, which is unfortunate.

  12. I'm not seeing that on my device (13 pro max).

  13. When I minimize my current call to the dynamic island.

  14. It’s sad that you can’t even own a scooter in NYC anymore

  15. Well, you can own a scooter; just not for long.

  16. Serious question, could someone explain to me what happened? I'm confused because it cuts after dinos started reversing; so did they get back and fight or what? Or perhaps I'm missing some reference.

  17. Likely the reason but would want to know why 7:48 and 7:52. I guess one of which is SJ's time of death but couldn't confirm.

  18. The other is the time when they announced touchbar macbook pro /s

  19. Some of the comments here shock me. Some people are defending the clunky iPadOS . The way Apple has gone about marketing this device is flat-out confusing.

  20. Lufthansa has NOT banned Apple AirTags.

  21. Wait, if you can’t use the watch underwater how are you supposed to control the dive computer? Using only the crown?

  22. You buy an Apple Pencil, charge it, pair it with the Apple Watch via Bluetooth and shove it up your butt.

  23. If you have an illness that requires immediate access to a bathroom (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, interstitial cystitis, ect.) and live in Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington, the bathroom access act exists. With proof (some urologists and gastroenterologists have a special form for this), it allows people to use employee restrooms. I have also used it as proof when using a restroom of a business I am not a customer of.

  24. Have you tried that new abortion place that opened last week?

  25. Do you want to maybe get pregnant so that you could try it? I could help.

  26. Compliment others and ask questions without getting to personal, turns out people love to talk about themselfs.

  27. Wow, that’s a really useful, I’m impressed.

  28. How much money did he gain?

  29. Calm down, the border is only visible when the island is active.

  30. This is history. We’ll remember this moment 10 years from now, when chess tournaments require participants to play in a pool, naked.

  31. Wait…unsending messages doesn’t work if the recipient is on an older iOS/iPadOS/MacOS version?

  32. But adoption of new iOS version usually happens fast. Also the “unsend” message can be useful on its own in some cases; sure, it won’t remove the content but it makes it clear that something has been sent accidentally.

  33. Page Turn has joined Cover Flow and Passbook Shredder. Such is life.

  34. Good for you, a lot of us envy you. Carry on, avoid places with a lot of dust, don't write a novel or anything too long, maybe buy a lottery ticket because who knows.

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