1. Absolutely stunning ! The LED roof plus all the official looking decals take it to another level

  2. Incredible lighting, posing and composition. Hats off to the photographer.

  3. Appreciate the kind words. I just try and show awesome clones to the people. Clone Wars was a huge part of my teenage years

  4. Thank you and I am truly humbled by those words. Just want to spread the Clone goodness

  5. The Wolf Pack gotta be fucking frothing at the teeth for not thinking of this design earlier

  6. You are so right! This would be a perfect Wolfpack style helmet but Hound is just that badass. Especially being a K-9 handler

  7. Bro this guy is sick as fuck

  8. These look amazing, and Spaciology is one of the best Clone Trooper photographers ever

  9. Why thank you ! I’m humbled . I just try and show awesome clone customs to the people

  10. Have we ever seen these boys without the helmets?

  11. never in the Republic Commando game. These are just representations of what they would look like. I do feel it gives them more personality

  12. Wowowo! This is awesome! I wish these were a thing! I’d kill for 1/12 scale of these with this type of detail and skill

  13. These were made by Floydscustomfigures on Instagram and head-sculpts provided by Trooper_customs

  14. "Is it red, red, green, or red, green, red?" Delta 07: "And he's supposed to be the demolitions expert?"

  15. Do you think the head-sculpts sort of reflect their personalities?? Never saw their sculpts in canon

  16. Dude these customs you post are so sick. Are you making them or is that what Spaciology does? Either way excellent photography keep it up! These custom photos make me want some commandos so bad.

  17. Hey I’m Spaciology and my aunt is to take photos trying to show off badass customs from the Custom Star Wars 1:6 community!

  18. Amazing! The picture could be a video game cover.

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