1. So is she just taking all of Emily’s Alphalete clothes??????

  2. Seriously like wtf lol. Her form is beyond shit. Good luck girl 💀

  3. This is so fucking cringe. I’m convinced anyone who posts pictures/videos of themselves crying on social media are attention seeking narcissists coming from a completely NOT genuine place. So fake it hurts.

  4. I placed 2 orders during the BF sale last week and already got both! They packed & shipped my orders within 24-48 hours

  5. Inertia or Utility Black for sure. I have the V2 Inertia’s on right now but the V1’s are clean as hell too.

  6. I live right next to a stretch of the railway that was left intact with a bike trail paved next to it. Super cool history.

  7. I’ve got long biceps and thick ass arms. It’s taken a long af time for them to get to where they’re at but pretty pleased with them.

  8. Zebras but only because they’re more recognizable to the layperson. In terms of what’s a better shoe, Wave Runner by a mile!

  9. A sweet mix of antibacterial foam soap and urine

  10. Who remembers the video of her eating or drinking something and a fly landed on her face and she didn’t even care and posted it anyway

  11. The zucchini with some random shit piled on top. Her “food review” 🤮

  12. She’s such an egomaniac. It’s sickening and appalling.

  13. Why Ellie… Why!!! This is worse than wearing plaid with stripes.

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