1. I know people are saying that Jokic isn't a liability on defence anymore, and the stats probably bear that out, but this game does show that he's pretty helpless against dominant and skillful big men. Will be looking out for his defense against Giannis and Bam now.

  2. And come playoff time when teams actually game plan, he’ll be stuck in any pick and roll and getting ISOed against wings.

  3. Is this a reference to Rashfords celebration, which mimics Dumbledore retrieving memories from his mind for Harry to see?

  4. True, but it's probably better than being the poor schmuck who got caught red handed breaking into Derrick Lewis's car

  5. Better than being that teacher who was witnessed killing Dumbledore.

  6. About to DM MyVerse real quick I know she free Saturday night now.

  7. MyVerse posted that she’s still going to be in the building for the event.

  8. Nuggets fans spam voted for the other 3 cause they get defensive about Jokic. (If only Jokic could be half as defensive as them)

  9. I did the VORP on your comment history and 90% contains the words “Embiid” or “Sixers”.

  10. I tolerated Bill fudging his numbers, including this week claiming he's up $900k. I tolerated him tripling/quadrupling his bets and betting $4M+ per week to chase his heavy losses earlier this year.

  11. I also love Bill but he’s a straight bitch for this. It’s like cheating at golfing.

  12. the gymnastics to devalue defense here are remarkable

  13. Anytime you see a sports movie and it’s clear the “star athlete” doesn’t even know how to throw or shoot the ball.

  14. Ronaldo can't really catch a break

  15. Tough luck for the guy paid a few hundred million to sportswash for a shitty regime. When will he get some good luck his way.

  16. Gillian is the Theon Greyjoy of the show. She does so much bad shit but then you learn what happened to her before and then where she goes after and you have no clue how to feel for her.

  17. Science is clearly green and history is clearly yellow. The real debate is math/English and red/blue.

  18. Parents in the mountainous regions of the east will put soda in a toddlers bottle. Think the dentists call it mountain dew mouth or something similar.

  19. Give us the Thesarus Iron rematch that dozens us have been clamoring for for years.

  20. Planting evidence doesn’t take a grand conspiracy and not ratting on your higher ups is basically a rule, not a decision. Most of them also believe they’re doing the right thing since it helps the blue save face from a lawsuit and Avery is a piece of shit anyway so who cares.

  21. Some people are so far behind they actually believe they’re leading.

  22. Yeh the guy has played for 20 plus years and basically never been injured, playing 50+ games a year

  23. He’s the ultimate professional in how he trains, not in how he behaves.

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