1. So it’s usc vs Washington most likely . No way they lose to wash st

  2. Florida wasting a lot of time considering they have a qb that can’t throw

  3. Iowa needing to drive the field with about a minute left and no timeout would be probably the funniest timeline

  4. There is a sick irony to the fact that every opposing offense seems to be able to do to our defense what our offense is supposedly be able to do to opposing defenses by slowly grinding them down and bending them to their will

  5. Oklahoma fans aren’t right about a lot of things but they did have a point about grinch, no matter how the rest of the season goes for usc I don’t think he need to be on the sidelines next year

  6. I don’t think it matters if it’s recovered by the person who fumbled

  7. They better get a lot closer because if there is one thing I know about college kickers is they will find a way to choke

  8. What a ridiculously dumb decision lmao, still getting bailed out tho

  9. Coaching is awful. I don’t know if it’s ONLY coaching but Herbert might be regressing too. Looks awful

  10. Unless you can show me where the ball is supposed to go in this awful offensive scheme I’m gonna hesitate to say Herbert has regressed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that stafford had his worst years under Lombardi.

  11. I can’t remember who said it but I remember somebody saying if you want to predict who will win any pac 12 game, just look to what will be the worse case scenario for the conference as a whole and go with that, and they have yet to be wrong tbh.

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