[OC] Surge in Egg Prices in the U.S.

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  1. In the first picture, the rail there to the left has since added plexiglas over the panels. This was to stop snow from blowing into the walkway. And it is pretty much invisible.

  2. I prefer not to give too specific information on my whereabouts, why do you ask?

  3. Looking for a reasonable carpenter in the area to build something similar

  4. I’m only licensed in Washington, unfortunately, sorry.

  5. Right? It was split up into 400 sections, and I think most of them are being actively stitched if not finished! The version we're using is

  6. Didn't cut it so the squares are plumb on the stairs huh? Rook.

  7. Wood, wood everywhere butt knot a drop to countersink.

  8. What was the cost of materials for this absolute unit? Nice work OP!

  9. About $6,000 $7,500. Just the front railing was about $2,900.

  10. Absolutely, it’s incomparable to the other options.

  11. So when people post questions like this, do they expect in depth answers from people on all the features of these squares and how to use them?

  12. I guess everybody's gotta start somewhere but probably youtube is a better place to start.

  13. Yes it’s level. Yes I know about filler strips the client did not want them. Yes the counter space is minimal but the client wanted that as it only a bench for waxing skis.

  14. Ah yes when I build my house I'll make sure to build in a ski waxing bench 😝

  15. It’s Alaska for someone who makes decent money. Outdoor gear storage is nice if you can afford it

  16. Just teasing, I'd totally do the same in their postion. They must use skis a lot.

  17. If they're doing small repairs, depending on how small, hot mud might make even more sense to speed up the repair.

  18. Probably Long Term Capital Management, a hedge fund famous for making a shit ton of money with some highly leveraged positions (25 to 1 debt to asset ratio!!) in the 90’s, but they ended up crashing and burning in the late 90’s due to exposure to the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 1998 Russian.

  19. I just read about them in a book the ascent of money. Talked about the asset pricing models they used to always be hedged and leveraged to the hilt lol. Scary stuff it worked for them for so long considering the data they apparently used only when back to the 80s or something so failed to note the higher risk of a market crashes.

  20. Oh I read that book a long time ago, it was super interesting!

  21. Seriously, like how is this an improvement from just pouring it? Besides being a bit cool I guess.

  22. Reminds me of Timberline lodge, just whole damn trees used as columns.


  24. One thing that matters nobody has mentioned is egg chickens are a different sub species than meat chicken.

  25. Wait what? They’ve bred them into different subspecies based on meat or eggs?

  26. Basically, yeah. There are some distinctly meat birds (like Cornish Crosses!), Some distinctly egg birds (Rhode Island Reds, for example)

  27. This is some Matrix genetic engineering dystopia shit

  28. 1000 sf is less of a "shave" and more "slice-n-dice"

  29. Use the Solomon solution: cut it in half, problem solved.

  30. And / or real estate investing (which is the beating heart of this bubble) may not be as impacted by a recession as people think. Money may flow from the capital markets into real estate, as it did in the dotcom bust, which led to a pump in real estate that grew to the gfc bubble.

  31. I don’t see Airbnb dying out any time soon. It takes the massive, underutilized asset of vacation homes and shares it, splitting the cost of vacation homes across many people. Something that makes luxury so much more affordable, flexible, and accessible is unlikely to die any time soon.

  32. As someone from the uk where we dont use shingles, why is this bad? I was under the impression that you don’t need air flow under shingles so wouldn’t this just be added warmth?

  33. I think it’s more about the ridiculous amount of weight

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