Spotted on a car in central Oklahoma of all places

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  1. Day by day I grew more hatred to these kinds of creatures it disgusts me how stupid these quote, unquote humans behave they just killed an innocent girl in brutal death,I wish I could hit these brats but I'd would get charged with assault of 2 minors,like uge I wish those brats shouldn't be born(sorry if I said any insensitive things in this comment I just really mad what happened to her)

  2. Sorry! Can't not correct your "quote on quote". The saying is "quote, unquote"

  3. Can you go more than once? Would love a load in my mouth and my ass.

  4. Right. Because you're naive human who believes you're body is a shameful thing and should be covered. Gorillas don't have such stupid beliefs because they don't think amagical being in the sky got mad at them because some girl ate a frickin apple.

  5. Gorillas are so magnificent. I guess it is because I see so much of us (humans) in them.

  6. I'm 45m just under an hour away but I live to drive. Would love to chat if you're interested and see if we click.

  7. Could you bottle up all that tasty pussy juice and send it to me? πŸ₯²πŸ˜‹

  8. Real men don't play with joysticks. They let women like you play with it for them Wanna play a gameπŸ†

  9. You don't have to tell me twice πŸ₯΅πŸ†πŸ₯§πŸ’¦πŸ‘

  10. It's cut out for that layout. Obviously it was thrown away

  11. Those rooms and even halls are so enormous you could easily reuse most of that carpet.

  12. Chicago has the best name of all of her siblings. (I wish I didn't know this). Her sister is North (last name West), brothers are Saint and Psalm.

  13. Absolutely. The question is how long can I make you cum for?

  14. You should not have to do that yourself. I'd kill to help you out with that.

  15. Nobody wants to point out how totally wrong this statement is? Like... I don't like religion much but Christians of today are not even CLOSE to being cool with what the Taliban does. A tiny fringe minority that's smaller than any muslim extremist group, MAYBE

  16. You should show your face more often. You're beautiful!!!! 😍

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