1. No idea, I haven’t lost mine yet due to never having a girlfriend and sex is the only thing that people in my social circle in school talk about and I just sit there with a blank mind. I guess it’s because I’m not as social as them, I don’t go out much and most of the time I’m at home with my family. I’m more socially awkward compared to the people I sit with and the main reason why I sit with them is so I’m not lonely, that’s my reality.

  2. Though I’ve been to neither, I’d like to offer this, Phoenix. What is there to do in Phoenix

  3. The Musical Instrument Museum is amazing. The botanical gardens are dope if you looove cacti (I do).

  4. If it's actually actually for a friend and actually second hand smoke, they should have nothing to worry about. Popping positive for second hand smoke is extremely unlikely.

  5. I offered $200, she didn’t want it. I’m giving her a nice bottle of wine. Already sent me a picture of the two machines in a cardboard box by her garage… lady wants it gone i guess, not gonna pass it up.

  6. He also once said that using lmao was a marker for narcissism.

  7. Oohh that makes a lot more sense, could you say IT would be a more beneficial route outside of the navy compared to CTN? I hear cybersecurity right now is a growing field and lots of potential jobs will arise from it.

  8. I know nothing about any of these rates, but my wife works in EdTech and the amount of cybersecurity degrees popping up at universities all across the US is incredibly high. Can’t imagine that would be the case unless those jobs were becoming super valuable.

  9. Sir/ma’am/distinguished guest, Bernie doesn’t pass laws in his state government.

  10. Sir/ma’am/distinguished guest, Bernie doesn’t pass laws in his state government.

  11. Shin splints, which was kind of BS because I went to medical for a completely unrelated reason and made an off handed comment about my foot that resulted in my being separated.

  12. I’ve seen a few comments in this sub along the lines of “why doesn’t anyone ever want to go to medical?!?!!” This is why.

  13. You're actually able to open an NFCU account now if you're already in DEP. If you have a branch near you give them a call and get the ball rolling early so that you won't have to worry about it. I also believe that they'll allow you to setup allotments but I'm a bit fuzzy on my time at RTC.

  14. It won’t let you. You can pick one banking account for direct deposit. Your better off using your current bank and opening a NFCU account after and then switching your DD.

  15. I breezed through MEPS. 90% of the people there were very kind and understanding, but they expected a ton of respect and no nonsense.

  16. Most RDCs are super chill about letting you use your personal phone as long as you are in your rack. You'll put your phone in a box, but they keep the boxes in the fishbowl. Just make sure to ask them for your phone when you want to use it. You have to respectfully request for it, and usually they will allow you to, just make sure you salute them.

  17. Back out while you still can. Worst 3 years of my entire life. Been treated like a dog since day 1. Wish I went to trade school instead. People will hate me saying this but I don’t really care. Join the airforce they treat you like a human being. Navy is miserable right now.

  18. I currently have a Gaggia Classic with dimmer mod and a df64 with ssp mp burrs. I’m quite happy with it (putting in a PID next week) but the bigger boiler on the Silvia is tempting…

  19. Did you do the opv mod? Definitely don’t get the Silvia. Lateral move at best.

  20. My RDCs were fucking hilarious. They'd make us laugh and then shout at us to stop laughing, which made us laugh more. I enjoyed getting to know a bunch of people from wildly different backgrounds. Marching all over the base was also way more fun than I ever anticipated. Marlinspike was a blast, line handling in general is fun. Firefighting was fun, if not a little dry for most of it. The confidence chamber was pretty cool too. Battlestations was one of the coolest 12 hours of my life.

  21. This is really helpful, thanks. I'm also in my 30s, so it was particularly relevant to hear from someone in my bracket. I ship soon like OP.

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