1. At least from my perspective, I never saw DeJear advertised in the more rural part of the state I live in. Did see quite a bit of support for Reynolds and Trump. I see pro-life signs everywhere.

  2. Bro just took the worst time to piss behind some bushes.

  3. I like the idea that for every murder, he wears a different suit inspired from other FNAF media

  4. She got better at art as a way to cope between King's Tide and Thanks To Them.

  5. Might just be cause your hierarchy is ummm not very good lol but also dont just create a deformation and then move it to where you want it in the hierarchy/over or under the layer you want in the timeline. Build it where it should be the first time.

  6. I'm new to this whole thing, so thats why things aren't gonna be great.

  7. Oh, so since Michael has the remnant of Afton's victims inside him he can see the memories of said victims. Also, Michael's wife (which I keep forgetting her name) is going to be devastated when the building burns. :(

  8. No idea lol. For some reason I just find him way cooler.... then again he's also my favourite animatronic... send help

  9. I plan on having the story go on til Security Breach, where that will be the ending. So he won't die-die just yet.

  10. By the time you get there ruin will probably be out, will that also be covered or just up to the burntrap ending?

  11. Just the Burntrap Ending combined with the Best Ending. Adapting SB will probably have the biggest Canon divergence of these comics.

  12. Who gave you the impression that it was your fault for being ace? Did he ever suggest that? If so, I think that's a red flag on top of the cheating.

  13. Drew sexualized drawings of child or child coded characters like Circus Baby. When called out for the action, she made jokes about how easily offended people were. And what everyone else has said here too.

  14. Gregory is a fun protagonist, likewise Freddy is a good support

  15. If you add Spike and Sparky, only thing they have in common is being a Dragon

  16. Comparing the two don't really work, as Spike is much older and can actually be a character. Sparky is closer to Flurry Heart of just being a cute plot device.

  17. I would not call Pipp insecure after watching the "My bananas" episode of Tell Your Tale.

  18. I can see that, but the reason I call her insecure because of how personally she takes being rejected. In both cartoons and comics, she doesn't mind being the butt of the joke because all she wants to do is make others happy. But when someone doesn't like or care about her, (negative hair style reviews in TYT, little interaction with a vulnerable post in the comics, trends turning away from her) that's when she gets anxious and reflective.

  19. Yeah, I've been working on this for 2.5 years, and likely will take another 2-3 years to finish it, lol

  20. Yeah, they told him everything. Henry knows about the possession of the Puppet too from his own research.

  21. I think it over relies on being stressful for the player than actually scary with a focus on atmosphere. Also has a similar problem to FNAF 1, where most of the cameras are useless except for one or two, so a lot of the atmosphere goes to waste as well.

  22. I like what I see here on Reddit a lot. When on mobile the linked comics' words are too blurry to read, unfortunately. Is there another place that hosts Frightguard?

  23. Sorry, I dont know why its doing that. If you have a Google account, reading it should hook up to your own docs page. On the mobile app for Google Docs, it should be clear. At least, how it works for me.

  24. I thought Henry's wife was dead??? or is this a creative liberty for the comic

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