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  1. You must be on that henny when you typed this

  2. Tobi is a great player. He would be a fine addition to any team that wants to trade for him (someone please trade for him)

  3. Remember the sixers chose him in free agency and let Jimmy walk

  4. Feel like this wouldn’t even be a question if you put Herro in the Warriors system

  5. Seriously tho, for someone that just won 6th man of the year

  6. 5 first round picks is simply daylight robbery

  7. She looks like she wants to see the manager lol

  8. Would you take Malone over Barkley if Malone didn't have Stockton with him?

  9. I think Malone and Stockton made each other better so probably not


  11. If you zoom in you can see the size of the actual spider on the front end of the decoy

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