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  1. I just need a boxer/kickboxer in the game. Surprisingly im rooting for Marisa, but it’s cuz I like tekken. She’s like a baseline tekken character lol

  2. idma says:

    with Terry Tate quotes

  3. Nah, just the old spice sounds. BLOCK! Building kick! His taunt would be EXPLOSIONNNNN

  4. That's why it's so important to just say "no" to these fuckleheads. Don't play their game and pretend they're allowed to make up the rules. They have zero logical or moral consistency, and the people who will like their choices will never like anyone who is outside their in group, no matter how much they try to appease them.

  5. Literal children with power. Treat them like children in every endeavor

  6. Oh you’re right. I meant to say treat them like anakin treated those kids in episode 3.

  7. She needs to get that mad at herself for not doing cardio. Why shorten your own life?

  8. I’m mixed (Black mom, Iranian Dad) and a recent Cal grad. I also graduated from Berkeley High, coming from Oakland schools. The bay area is one of the most segregated education systems in this country. My family pulled hella strings to get me to Lafayette (ultra wealthy suburbs just past the hills of the east bay). When my parents split, my mom and I moved back to East Oakland. I met some of the most amazing teachers and students of my life there. But the resources are dumped into the wealthier white schools literally 20 minutes away, so alot of kids drift off :/

  9. I went to Acalanes HS. It fucked me up for years. I’m from Richmond. lol

  10. aggressively screams town bidness and that I’m from east Oakland (I’m not) as a compensatory mechanism

  11. I hated on Marisa at first till I saw gameplay. Still not the biggest fan of how she looks necessarily (it will grow on me), but it’s the closest I’ll get to tekken hit effects

  12. Couldn't squat properly due to being incredibly inflexible. I used big plates under my heels to be able to do them at all. I also was unable to do barbell rows properly cause my hamstrings were limiting me from going parallel to the floor.

  13. That shit does hurt. Especially when their general comm skills are trash. Makes sense when everyone understands what happened. But hey now she can go back to her abusive bf that was beating her ass 🤷🏿‍♂️ hopefully she’s out of that

  14. I mean a fake hairline vs fake hair and all that other stuff.. no judgment just observation. Not saying that’s you! I don’t respect it on anybody lol

  15. CZ805, AK5C, M16, FAL. Just use those. I’d use more but that’s caveman’s fault.

  16. Definitely not advocating that; but what use is ruining your mental health to earn money you end up wasting on bandaid solutions? Obviously you need the means but if you have em tell your boss to suck a lemon and find a workplace where you can actually build your skills/career/life

  17. Well ideally you find a way to skill up to move into something you actually want. My calling is in data science, I’ve realized. I did an analytics apprenticeship center around the digital marketing industry and got pulled into a strategy role which I feel weird about, but I’m not sure if it’s the people or the job itself. It feels like I studied one thing and got hired for another. Nevertheless, I’m ima. Much more comfortable spot that I give thanks for every day, but there’s still more work to do.

  18. I need to get back in there but I found that it was stimulating anger. I think it was self directed for sleeping on myself for so long. Felt like a return to form as I did martial arts when I was younger. Luckily this is more martial than it is art

  19. If you throw elbows you are in line to receive elbows, high risk move if you arnt careful with when you throw them. Not disrespectful but anyone whose ate one can tell you it completely changes the tone of the fight once elbows are being thrown

  20. Damn are elbows that dangerous? I can’t wait to throw them in my cousin’s face for thinking he can steal from me!

  21. In my opinion, you'd be surprised how welcoming other ethnicities are if you embrace their culture. I've sang with mariachi bands at Mexican parties, danced the Tza’ad Temani at Jewish gatherings, etc., and have felt nothing but love. People love for others to participate in their culture, in my experience. As long as you are respectful and courteous.

  22. Man I’m tryna go off at an Indian wedding and the ones where they do those line dances but with an addition of one g perico song 😂

  23. Dammit Netflix! Just when we had a working title, "Boomerang"

  24. They’re horny and they don’t go outside. I like her as a character, but it’s cuz of her stance. Idk, it’s unique. And her kick anti air is cool. Definitely not my favorite though

  25. No we don't, being trans is not a happy walk in the park choice. They'd much prefer to have been born on the right body and be happy since the beginning.

  26. I wonder why non white people would vote overwhelmingly center right instead of extreme right

  27. I was like “I’m sure it can’t be t- There is no god here.”

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