1. Nope shes from STG. That's a big reason why I'm worried

  2. Don’t use STG, most law enforcement agencies use that website for stings

  3. I don’t know about that, stg is notorious in my state for police stings

  4. Amazon Halo can do a 23:59:59 timer. I have one, and it works just fine.

  5. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure the subscription is for features in the app and not the watch itself.

  6. I wear a Garmin vivoactive 4s It can set a 24 hour timer

  7. I don’t have a particular small wrist (for a woman) but they have an 42mm option which does look okay. Good luck in finding one!

  8. You don't get to share DLC, so any bundles or skins or extras aren't shared.

  9. Damn so even though I bought the Vault Edition and we stop game sharing I still won’t get the game? Guess that’s why it’s still in the store and telling me to buy it

  10. DS2 is a good souls game and it is referenced in DS3, the dlcs of DS2 and my favorite of the series

  11. You can not cheat on console, this guy is doing a glitch that lets him have 90% damage reduction. Nothing you can really do about this except throw him in a pit

  12. I think it’s hacks, If you notice his abilities have a faster recharge despite not having teammates using that ability for him

  13. I’m not happy with the person I am right now. I’m not satisfied with my current job and I’m not in the best shape physical wise as I used to be. I want to get back in shape and find a more respectable job with better pay that way I feel like I’m worth a shot for this girl. She’s beautiful and we have a lot in common but my confidence is low and I just don’t see her saying yes to me with the way I am right now

  14. Newbie here, is this like tren or something? I want to reach this and I’ll take steroids but I don’t know what kind to take

  15. Not a fan of his new stuff tbh, Kamikaze and MMLP2 has been his only good work in the last few years

  16. It wasn’t his best but for me it’s track list is better than Revival and MTBMB

  17. I went through almost the exact same situation with my ex. She claimed she hated her ex boyfriend who raped her and I had to take therapy classes with her and learn how to help her and after a year of dating she started following him on Instagram and they started talking on the phone. I used to stay up every night with her crying because she couldn’t cope with the trauma and when I found out about it I felt betrayed. I talked to her about it but she decided to see the good in him and refuse to cut contact with him. I couldn’t take it because after all the therapy, late nights, and being there for her to help her cope I just felt like it was all for nothing and she wanted to keep this scumbag around. I broke up with her and they are still close friends. My advice is talk to her and if she becomes defensive save yourself the trouble and mental exhaustion and end it.

  18. I turned it on and literally heard a guy struggling to breathe and coughing like he was dying. Turned off immediately after that

  19. I don’t know if I could watch it if Caboose doesn’t come back :/ I hope his replacement va sounds more like him and not the death battle va

  20. Really was hoping for it to be hush or I remember my own theory that it was going to be deathstroke and Amanda Waller was trying to take over Gotham city to keep the crimes down and Scarecrow was another major problem that Batman had to deal with. Was disappointed that scarecrow was controlling the Arkham army

  21. I forgot the season but its where Wash tracks down Caboose for the first time and I remember it like:

  22. Any iFunny veterans here? This guy looks an awful lot like DeepWebIntel

  23. It’s him, I remember when he first posted this and how quickly people discovered that it was fake audio

  24. City is pretty safe but be ready to deal with traffic. Lot of idiot drivers and construction so leave your place a little extra early if you want to make it to your work on time!

  25. Was on a date with an ex which was leading us back to my house and things were getting good, until my neighbor started knocking on my door saying his electricity went out and asked if he could watch the rest of his soccer game on my tv. His team scored, I didn’t.

  26. Same here man, it's my birthday as well and not a birthday gift I wanted :( glad you got to play some and enjoy it before the sun set at least, unfortunately my halo 3 and reach 360 copies are long gone so I wasn't able to play or see my profiles one last time

  27. AYYYYY a fellow January 13th baby! Happy birthday!

  28. Aaron Rodgers. I always respected him and admired him as a player but when his recent covid scandal came out I lost all respect and can’t stand him anymore. I lost my uncle and family friends to covid and seeing people not take this virus seriously irritates me.

  29. I stopped playing since launch but recently picked back up and actually have been enjoying it. However I agree with all your points I also hate how huge these maps are and offer little content in them. I hate the lack of destruction of buildings. I was so excited to play the city map with all the buildings and was expecting them to be able to be destroyed but none of them do. That tornado thing is annoying too, it’s in almost every map. I miss battlefield 1 when there would be different unique environment items like the dreadnought, the train and the battleship. All this were so cool and I expected things like that to return to this game. But of course EA screwed it up.

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