1. Fan of both teams. Didn't enjoy any of it, but glad the Jets won & Bears got a better draft pick

  2. Does anyone know the last time an entire division went to the post season?

  3. Horse and buggy is safety. No different than a pedestrian crossing. Come to rural Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and you’ll see plenty of them.


  5. I honestly wonder if the Jeffrey Star rumor is true. People who get manic can get crazy

  6. That last phrase is the exactly feeling I had after going to his last concert. My first and probably last time watching him and it was so sad to me.

  7. I saw him in 2004, 2006 & 2009 or 2010, and each time, the only song I could understand was Highway 61 Revisited.

  8. He also tried to pass off paintings of other people's photographs as his own depictions of travel around the world

  9. And he ripped off a Japanese poetry book for Love & Theft. Absolutely love him & his stuff, but he's been full of shit all the way back to his Greenwich days; I used to have a bootleg which had him talking about coming from a carnival background

  10. Nobody takes accountability for anything. It is always someone else's fault.

  11. I hate the way copyright law works sometimes. Scrubs on DVD and streaming is trash because they don't have the original music, which anyone who likes Scrubs will tell you is absolutely crucial for tone. Maybe it has changed now, but piracy was literally the only way to experience the show as intended.

  12. It always is but then there are thousands of comments from people that have no clue. It just shows how people can't tell the difference between blatant awful acting and real life.

  13. Which then explains why so many dumbasses get mad at actors/actresses for something their characters do

  14. I said willfully. He’s certainly responsible for his actions at this point in his life. He’s an adult who knows what crowd he’s surrounding himself with. Are those people taking advantage and exploiting his current state of mind, I think so. He’s way more famous than these far right goons and they are loving the exposure and probably are hyping him up when everyone else is saying he’s wrong. Or maybe Kanye knows all that and doesn’t care and is just cool with these people for whatever reasons I can’t understand

  15. I think "Useful idiot" is far better a term for Ye. Stalin used it to describe the New York Times journalist who had unlimited access to see the Holodomor*, and the piece of shit didn't report on it because he was treated so well.

  16. Left on the cart. Like 2 minutes later Pam said he’s done for the game so he’s probably done for the season.

  17. I can't wait to take a bunch of pictures with Kratos smiling at highly inappropriate times

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