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  1. Craft&Ride Quickstrike ⚡️ Every rider that drops a comment below before midnight will be entered to win this Blackout Craft&Ride Build featuring the Cloud.

  2. Am I glad my internet is kinda shit so it takes ages for videos to load

  3. I’d straight up give my parents 50 million no questions asked. They deserve all of it but I want some too, dangit.

  4. I know call me a nerd but that is probably Italian technology since Polnareff couldn't leave

  5. To be honest I wanna shit more on Italian technology cuz it's actually shit, while french technology, even though it's french, is very creative and quirky wich makes it kinda cool.

  6. If you hadn't told it was a game, I wouldn't have noticed. Especially that first picture.

  7. Same, and even though it had a pretty generous one hit kill, it was still a skill cannon. Beats the rapid fire assault weapons any day!

  8. The echo that thing has when you use it on maps like fort de vaux is just awesome.

  9. Clearly he is not cultured. Also why is my comment getting downvoted? I was asking a question.

  10. You know this was A+ manipulation and I both hate it and at the same time im kinda impressed. It's like serial killers where it's so gross but also interesting as fuck.


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