1. has a lot of premix stuff. I think they have a mix for Philodendrons.

  2. Doesn’t look all that bad. I would give it some fresh soil if you can. If not, soil seems fine. I think the plant needs some water love and some fertilizer.

  3. Problem is, when the new pups grow, they won’t look like the parent cutting. Snake plants have a tendency to revert to their solid green color from cuttings. Best way to keep the colors is so division from the main plant.

  4. Devs said those free updates will have new mechanics and won’t lock them behind DLCs like they did in CK2

  5. I've got a 1.7.2 game save on version 1.7.2 with all DLC and every game I crash between 1073 and 1077 - five games in a row. It's like I'm playing a demo.

  6. Yeah it’s a longer mission. I beat the main store line then the living ship update came out later, it took me a week to get it.

  7. I like how Normal mode and Survival mode can play together now. It comes in handy when someone on Reddit post a farm base to share, most of them tend to be on Normal mode. Now I can visit the base.

  8. Oh, is that the case now? I posted a couple of bases and realised that I would get no visitors because I built them in survival mode.

  9. I’m in Survival and I was on there last night. Nice base. Glad the devs made it so Survival and Normal can play together.

  10. I thought the new update allowed survival and normal to see each other now. Permadeath and Expedition will be in their own thing.

  11. I use all those mods plus more and no issues. Mod order matters plus you have to start a new save. An old save pre 1.7 won’t work

  12. I don’t like the look of the soil, even when it’s wet looks like it clumpy. I would make soil where it’s half perlite. Aeration so it dries out quicker in-between waterings.

  13. This does work on steam FYI if you don't own it through the origin platform

  14. I am sure 769 will come later down the line. I have a feeling they are saving it for a DLC or big update.

  15. pretty sure they said they didn't want to add any more start dates.

  16. I’m not sure but load order matters and you need a compatibility patch for CFP and EPE

  17. In My Humble Opinion does it, but looks like you don’t have it

  18. So do you think the misting it was the problem because that how I gave mine water

  19. I mist mine with a fine mister. But I give it a good mist soak and then turn it upside down to dry a bit.

  20. I don’t know, but I want a large DLC. Kind of hoping that this last one was a large one but was an Event one. I don’t mind the little ones or Flavor packs, just ready for a large DLC to be released again.

  21. The guys that do the EPE mod are working on a Name Pack Expansion mod. Names are going to be more dynamic to your culture. There is going to be a broader selection of names and titles.

  22. I would get CK3. A lot of the mechanics are locked behind Expansions and DLCs in CK2.

  23. Mine is a book that is kind of open. You might be missing yours.

  24. Wow this is the craziest British Isles. What year is this?

  25. I had it once happen like that. Probably last year it did that. I thought it was a mod or something

  26. I think they did. It think mostly good AI changes for them. So a bunch of stuff for them in the change log.

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