1. Mohamed Mansour's connection to Sunak and Zahawi, perhaps?

  2. So far AI can create a generic articles and generic art it struggles with specific changes. It can spit out article about Tower of London but if you look at it and say I Need more details in paragraph 3 and some more details about engineer who made it it will struggle. Same with art. "Generate a mech robot fighting alien" will give you decent Pacific rim style robot and alien but if you go and say I want alien to look more friendly and I need robot to look like it can throw stronger punch it will give you 20 iterations non of them matching what you want.

  3. That's been true for pretty much every technology since at least the industrial revolution. The first automated telephone exchange opened in the UK in 1912, and yet it took decades to make telephone exchange operators redundant.

  4. I don't have a dog so maybe that's the factor in this. The only 'confrontation' I have had was over someone not controlling their dog, so I think that adds up now.

  5. Why would this be a secret? The war was widely anticipated and it isn't hard to think sanctions would follow. Even if there was only a small probability it would still make sense to do so. I'd have done the same.

  6. How many barristers are there compared to nurses? That probably answers your question.

  7. Majority just being foreign students, who tend not to work and just live off their rich parents. It's not the same as previous years immigration figures.

  8. Agreed! They damn well should be competing for us! Who's going to work for less money and/or worse conditions than they can get elsewhere?

  9. Unfortunately Sainsbury's are driven by maximising profit and therefore will act accordingly. The government and NHS aren't, but instead are driven by political needs.

  10. Just to be clear, are you saying that the price drop has been such that the government is now going to spend less money than if they had nationalised.

  11. Sorry, I don’t know. I’m not aware of the calculations these people have done. I was just stating that it’s obviously going to require less subsidy.

  12. Hopefully the one good thing to come out of the pandemic will be people masking-up when they have the sniffles.

  13. Simply because a lot of people lack the intelligence to realise that if you call a set of people, say, "British" or "Irish" then 300 years later it's not the same set of people even if you call it the same name.

  14. If you’re half Irish but now living in the UK would I get anything?

  15. The effects are still ongoing, though, so it's hard not to be emotional: living members of my family still remember their relatives who left Ireland and got treated terribly in England. And then those members of the family still got the same racism in the 1960s and 70s on despite being born in England.

  16. 650 for your half of the rent on a flat?

  17. Where is that, and why do so few people want to live there?

  18. You’re right, it’s just when you’re emotionally involved in it sometimes you can’t see when you’re being an idiot so any reality check is welcome!

  19. People will definitely try and tell you on here but I’ve no idea why you’d listen to them.

  20. SE England is pretty good, far fewer Scottish people as well.

  21. Huh, that’s kind of bizarre but glad you did in the end.

  22. Strange how they were quick to put up prices. Have they only just learned how to hedge prices?

  23. No, the ones that hadn’t hedged went out of business pretty quickly.

  24. I’ll eat any type of food but I’m fussy on quality. I like a burger but I’d rather not eat than eat one from McDonald’s for example.

  25. Because it removes the entire process of walking up to a random person and asking them on a date like a creep.

  26. It’s not hard to find a hookup or dates in real life, people have done it forever.

  27. Why use these Apps as a man? You’ll easily find better partners offline. The difference is laughable.

  28. The Grand Temple is pretty decent in Newcastle. One of the best jalfrezis.

  29. Kids have always had crazes. I think it was elastic bands a few years ago, I don’t see how it’s any dumber than that.

  30. Why does anyone want to listen to someone talk about them for an hour?

  31. Severe droughts, crop failure, wildfires, threats to health, increased strain on the NHS. I wouldn't say anything about it is great.

  32. This is about the the UK, severe droughts and wildfires aren’t a serious threat, despite what the media might try and portray.

  33. Isn’t poverty in the UK defined as less than 60% of median income? You’ll always have poverty if defined like this.

  34. No, I do it at 30. I’ve never had any issue doing that so don’t know why I’d change.

  35. lol, and many don't wash their bedding for months at a time without having 'any issue'. Doesn't mean it is 'clean' after washing it at 30!

  36. Well it’s as clean as all my clothes, which is fine for me.

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