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  1. it took ab 2 months of following one of those shitty diets until i got pretty bad, but in total it was 6 months of active high-restriction that led to me being forced into treatment. after that it took well over a year for me to get past the denial stage lmao

  2. hii! ive dyed my hair like this before, and i think the 2nd one would look the best on ur hair :) good luck! <3

  3. My thought on short hair is always "Do I have the neck for it?" I don't have that nice long neck that the last picture does. I don't see your neck in your photos, so I'm speaking of myself only, not you. A thought to consider.

  4. that’s a smart thought! i’ll have to check my neck the next time i see a mirror :)

  5. Ye I had the same thing except I had a panic over it lol

  6. sometimes i refer to it as “ana” cuz they taught us to do that in treatment to separate it from urself, just so they can say “is that y/n or ana?”. it’s got a lot to do with the therapy side, and it’s a strong part in every treatment program i’ve been through

  7. Yep. Chances are really good that all that stuff she wrote is copy/paste from her upline.

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