TIL: To "protect the truth," a woman recorded hundreds of thousands of hours of TV news between 1977 and 2012. Her archives grew to about 71,000 VHS and Betamax tapes stacked in her home and apartments she rented to store them. Upon her death, the Internet Archive agreed to digitize the volumes.

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  1. I've started calling people out when I see them ignoring their pooping dog -- happens all the time in some dog parks and other high-traffic areas where I live. I try to be as nice as I can --everyone acts a little embarrassed and surprised that they have shit to pick up. Dogs poop - what a plot twist.

  2. In August, the average heat index is around a life-threatening 113 degrees.

  3. He's the GOP's gay Herschel Walker....not the most impressive attempts at diversifying the party.

  4. I hate these people for keeping Trump in the headlines year after year.

  5. Right. It was really tough for voters to distinguish between Biden and Trump...I'm sure more money on ads would have really helped educate us.

  6. Yup, and get this. Greedo didn't shoot first. In fact, Greedo never shot at all!

  7. There's a Golden Girls episode which has disappeared for the same reason.

  8. Feel like you could’ve easily used her name, Marion Stokes.

  9. I suppose it would have been even easier to not post anything about her at all. I would have saved you time too!

  10. You'd think it would be impossible to say anything more stupid than this....but, they'll find something by Monday at the latest.

  11. Oooh is that 2nd vote for Hern a new one? Think so

  12. I count at least 5 Republicans who keep telling the world how much they hate Kevin McCarthy. So why do we keep voting?

  13. Another Kevin McCarthy speech that isn't about Kevin McCarthy.

  14. apparently sitting on his ass with a stupid grin on his face while he loses vote after vote isn't working?

  15. Have the democrats put up a candidate for the speaker as it's a vote of the whole house, not just the republications?

  16. After his latest round of concessions, Kevin McCarthy is making it worse. He clearly doesn't give a damn about the institution - he just wants his name in the history books.

  17. The law was inspired by Billie Eilish's comments about porn. Didn't see that coming.

  18. 2024 is going to be tough for Dems -- 23 of the 34 Senate seats are held by Dems or Independents that caucus with Dems. At least its an election year with higher turnout.

  19. It sounds like their biggest issue involves how PAC's spend money in Republican primaries. You think we're watching some high-minded exhibition of democracy?

  20. So amend the constitution because Republicans are so incompetent they can't perform the simplest of tasks?

  21. Mike Lee from Utah wrote a federal bill requiring age verification....called...wait for it...

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