1. This is good advice but I’m so so sorry to hear about your health scare!

  2. Avoiding triggers isn’t the way to go unfortunately. Talk to the teacher to let her record the class so she can hear the teacher or go back. But avoiding the world and all the frustrating triggers will make it worse. * at least this is my experience *

  3. Question to the group: I’ve been in two major tornados. Afterward, there were live power lines down, creating hazards.

  4. For my high risk equipment license, they said that in the event that you/machinery/the ground might be charged, shuffle away keeping your feet close to the ground. I don’t know the science behind it, but it helps prevent electrocution.

  5. Good stuff, thank you! I just googled the shuffling thing. It looks like the trick is to keep your feet touching each other while you shuffle.

  6. That show would get canceled in one day due to the first episode being a school shoot up

  7. The question is ridiculous I hope it doesn’t affect your overall grade too much. And the comment was unnecessary and ableist. Dyscalculia is a thing for many adhd people.

  8. Wait. You guys get to unmask?! (Cue appropriate meme).

  9. For me, I started to pay attention a bit more when I was “forcing” something. Sometimes it can take months to analyse a social situation or something and tease apart what was simple code switch and what’s full on mask.

  10. okay, but hear me out: lesbian farmer polycule, maybe even a lesbian farmer village where we share all the work between all of us and we all get to reap the benefits

  11. I’m working on my platonic and not so platonic polycule. Living next to my hot queer bestie. Between us we have a bunch of animals and can grow, make and fix most things. Have a pinkie promise to marry another queer friend in 5 years time. Have chosen family living in and around.

  12. As a bi woman I generally don’t feel comfortable dating het men. Men I’m attracted to tend to be queer to some degree.

  13. Learn to do it your way. I’ve found the more I’m myself, the less I mask and it fawn, the more I end up clicking with people with good intentions and who respect me.

  14. Okay, so caveat is I'm a lesbian and single for life, but honestly talking to women and getting a date is fairly easy. You just have to woo them and put effort.

  15. When someone discloses to you and you say “oh thank god I didn’t know if you knew” lol.

  16. great to hear... will let the ex wife know.

  17. You probably don’t have to tell a grown woman to deal with her own cyber security. Why would you even need to contact your ex about this. It’s her problem not yours.

  18. Bathrooms have extra plumbing in the walls and generally smaller windows making them a bit safer to shelter in.

  19. It’s almost as if someone who was SAd might choose to become vocally feminist, and stop caring about being attractive to the male gaze, either through anger or for safety.

  20. Although it’s kind of nice when you make bread or brownies and everyone thinks you are a wizard

  21. The person conducting my tests rephrased the questions for me: without the structure, back ups and supports that you have organised could you/can you do this?

  22. The Melbourne trams are free in the CBD. We went to Melbourne last month and used the tram. It made it easy to get on and get off without concerning ourselves with buying a ticket, as tourists. I did not see any anti-social elements in my admittedly tiny sample of tram rides.

  23. It costs less for me to commute to work in my car. And it’s an hour (35mins if I take tolls but that’s expensive) rather than 2.5 for catching bus-train-bus. Not too mention if I was late to work as much as the buses run late, I’d get fired.

  24. That's crazy to think you add an extra 25+ mins each way to dodge the toll road. I don't know the circumstances but I'd imagine you're effectively paying in the form of additional wear and tear on your car, fuel and your time. It's an extra 15 minutes (min) if I avoid the gateway, which I tried on and off for a few weeks and honestly that time on an already long (one hour, same as you) drive is nauseating. Also, fuck tolls.

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