1. I believe it's the "middle Zealand" themed ship from the Lego movie. Only had a split second of screen time.

  2. Hopefully I can find this one. Only one I've been able to find was Jessica Drew

  3. Having her in hand, its a good figure for Legends but I had to go back and compare Sentinel, Mafex, SHF, and Yamaguchi

  4. I dont think its fair to compare a 25 dollar figure to some 70-100 dollar ones, ofc the more expensive ones will be better

  5. Yes and no. I do compare on a scale of are you getting your monies worth/what you're getting for your money. I can tell you quite a few figures I wouldn't bother with the more expensive version and just stick with Hasbro for what you get. Hasbro also has the potential to make better figures and they definitely show it on other lines and figures but then just plain don't. If a figure costs 4x as much it better be 4x as good as well. Having said all that....ive been collecting for a long time and most people I talk to agree, Hasbro could have been making better figures for a long time but they rely on re-releasing the same character over and over and alot of times using the same bodies but slightly different, slightly better over time. They always have to be able to release something again again with a new something or different paint etc. They're definitely not alone in this but in the long run I've felt better buying mostly more expensive figures 1 time than 10 figures of the same character/suit only done over and over slightly better. Sorry im rambling im tired and trying to get my experience out there.

  6. Like that person above me said, switch sides and then I'd add like a river and maybe a bridge over it. Give it a landmark separation that isn't too crazy

  7. Yeah and maybe raise the castle up a bit on rocks or a hill with a cliff and seaside behind it?

  8. Man the Octoprint stuff just keeps going and going. I haven't been able to keep up since over a year ago I had to go to the hospital for a short bit and just couldn't get back into it for a long time. Ive got to start reading up again.

  9. I'm still waiting for someone to actually build a white whale and post it. Preferably a really big one.

  10. Boba Fett's palace, easy build but the end result was pretty lackluster. I was hoping it would atleast close up into a small closed building or something. I got it on clearance so can't complain too much I guess for the minifigs.

  11. I actually liked that build, but mostly just because it was fun to swing it around and see how sturdy it was. That single step with all of the handle pieces was rough, though.

  12. One of my sons built the lego hammer, the other got the marvel legends one. Of COURSE they hit them together!

  13. I'd guess they make a legitimately great product but nobody would know because all anybody says is 'think different, think different, think different, think different...' 'you didn't get In n out why?' 'don't you know about in n out?'

  14. I just got back from around Chicago and they had Culver's but after hitting Portillos I dont know if I lived there if id go there there either.

  15. Bro, I am born and raised in texas and since whataburger sold to that Chicago company their quality has become such shit. In n out is always fresh, never cold or old, fresh veggies and friendly service. I miss the old whataburger.

  16. Who has more minifigs, Chris Pratt or Harrison Ford?

  17. Nowhere near the most but I'd like to acknowledge that Nick Offerman was also Metal Beard. Also if this had Aziz's friend he was Sonic's voice.

  18. Im curious about the "daily" part and are the white centers left behind the root or?

  19. I’ve recently had 2 orders missing parts including mini figures so now I make sure to check every single piece.

  20. Im guessing for as many extra stuff orders we see there has to missing stuff orders

  21. After I learned about MILS im having a hard time not totally redoing my MOC made out of 3in1s.

  22. I like the variety of different helmets and armour. What do you think of the red feather in the hunters hat?

  23. No. Mambas are also in the same family (Elapidae), and so are taipans.

  24. Lmao I really appreciate the explanation hahaha ty

  25. I could totally see Amazon putting some scene in to mess with us about this whole thing.

  26. I'm confused. He doesn't hit the side of the plane hard, but it does cause loss of control which is why he spins out. You can even see him regaining control and the spin slowing as he falls. He probably was perfectly able to regain control and parachute.

  27. Oh I work at Central Market and I see that stupid shit every day.

  28. Yup its everywhere, been working retail a long time and its that these places have zero balls when it comes to telling people grocery stores aren't dog parks. Ive seen everything from very vicious growling and barking to crapping in front of me. Your dog does not belong in the store I dont care if your old and you just don't care anymore or if your young and its a puppy. Leave pets at home. Service animals are always welcome.

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