1. I wasn’t expecting them to look like penis heads, interesting

  2. Hahaha ikr! It’s like an innie or an outie bellybutton! (With obviously very different ways of working)

  3. It is so sad and frustrating! I don’t know why they wouldn’t find a rescue in the area and would just hand over the bun to anyone

  4. They’re disposable to people. Small pets in general, anything that isn’t a cat or dog I guess. People just seem to think they are paperweights. Makes me rlly upset

  5. It is just so heartless, especially since they are such crazy and lovable characters as house pets

  6. Oh my gosh what a horrible thing!! I wish that buns could be shipped because I would take them all :.(

  7. I think so as long as it weighs less than 8 kg.

  8. Negative. Rabbits usually dislike being carried. You must surrender your ticket to your bunlord, and promptly stow yourself in the overhead bin until the fasten seatbelt sign has been turned off.

  9. I love this! Im so invested in your work!! Can’t wait to see the next 93 days

  10. 'I'm asking the same question! The prices are outrageous! It's an insult to the everyday citizen, how we are supposed to afford treats and helmet in one month!' signed, Rutabaga

  11. “Inflation has caused the price of treats to go up ten-fold! The cage rental market is out of hand. And Mayo Porridge wants us to be spending MORE money? It’s ludicrous! More buns will be living in their hay box by the end of the month if some major changes don’t happen, and quick!” - Oliver

  12. Very much. I got my two girls when they were babies and had them together. I'd not had done this if they were my first rabbits. I knew what signs to look for hormones starting. Once that started I split them up as I know hormones make them territorial. Once all spayed etc. We did the actual proper bonding and they are buddies now.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to reply! I really appreciate the advice since I don’t want to do anything that could harm any future bonding. Thankfully Oliver has been neutered for four months now, but I’ll make sure she has fully recovered from her spay until then. Are they able to meet through a cage with smelling? Their cages are close to each other but not enough that they can bite. Is there anything I should be doing now to hopefully encourage a bond down the line?

  14. Good to know! I’ll keep them separate for now. Should I still cage swap them?

  15. Yes but it doesn't come with a box which is a rabbit's #2 favorite thing

  16. My two will do anything if a box is involved. If there's a box, nothing else in the world matters. They want to be in it. On it. They need to chew it. They need to rip it up... They say cats love boxes but I think rabbits take the cake.

  17. Slightly different take, but she looks just like my Oliver! We saw a lady this week who has bred rabbits for over 30 years (and active 4H leader) who said he is a Satin. I thought he had some English spot in him but she disagreed :)

  18. Pecan Nutmeg Waffles Truffles Corky Hanky Thor Joseph - my friends daughter named her rabbit this randomly so I always suggest it now. 😂

  19. I love the excessiveness of this! My last bun was named Sir Charcoal Smudge so I have been feeling that a simple one word name is not sufficient

  20. I have this big rocking chair and the bins just stack right behind it out of eyesight lol I just hide them :,> if you wanted to get a fancy looking chest that might be nice, but possibly expensive..

  21. I never thought of a chest, that could fit quite nicely if I can find one for cheap!

  22. Large plastic bins… but hidden inside an aesthetic cabinet next to the pen!

  23. My crazy ass has a front porch sewing machine because it was free and I could fix it. It works like a champ now but I'm sure my neighbors hate me.

  24. This is why I want to get the alpine yellow rambler, in hopes if it ever gets lost, I'll have a higher chance of finding it. Also, neutral colors like white and black are too basic for such a premium product.

  25. Thanks amazing folk at American air in Manchester for throughly checking the plane!

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