1. Pretend they are people first and go talk to them. Knowing who they pay to live in a place with a roof over their head really isnt any of your business.

  2. No offence, but I live in community housing and if someone was repeatedly blasting music that literally affects how I'm sleeping, I'm going to the housing manager/RE before calling the cops. A couple breaches might set them straight.

  3. Oh wow, I totally sympathise with you. I'm sensitive to smoke because of my autism - it fucks with me on a sensory level. Is there any way you could set up big fans during the day and blow it back in their faces? Kmart's steel-bladed fans are surprisingly powerful.

  4. I totally understand sensory overload and smells, I looked at a Ryobi fan yesterday. Still thinking about my options.

  5. All I can suggest is to mitigate the problem as best you can because it's not illegal to smoke.

  6. This is literally the third time I have seen it posted in the past four hours.

  7. HOAs can submit liens that literally take the house off you if you don't pay, so this is bad advice.

  8. I didn’t see an either or. I saw a we’ll pay for it. You don’t get along with your family do you? Anyone willing to say fuck grandma and grandpa can’t be well flawed up in a family. You are utterly lacking in respect so fuck you EP

  9. My family is a study in intergenerational trauma. My friends are my family and I am the richer without my blood family. Family doesn't always mean something. So I cordially suggest you get over yourself and be glad you have a loving family.

  10. Which only means you shouldn’t comment here. I am sorry your family is dysfunctional and I am glad you do what you have to do to help yourself. The problem is you ran an awful lot into what she said. She’s not angry at her grandparents for life. She just wants her wedding to be her way or The highway. Her grandparents have offered to pay. She suggest nothing of the sort of thing that you suggest. This is why she is an entitled brat

  11. I can comment where I very well please and she has the right to decide what is and isn't at her wedding, grandparents be damned. Family isn't the be all and end all, they've been abusive, and so fuck them. I don't respect abusers and those who stomp on boundaries.

  12. Just find a new job, put in your resignation and don't show up. They can't force you to work.

  13. This is one of those moments where everyone is the neighbour from hell. You're violating the policy with three dogs, she's violating the policy by having the dog on the leash, and everyone sucks here. Either move or get rid of a dog. It's as simple as that.

  14. posted on tales from tech support... Mods deleted it saying it wasn't "tech supporty enough" and told me to post it here...

  15. Whoops, sorry, I forgot I follow both subs, lol. Deleting my above comment.

  16. It's very easy to say that, but as an Indigenous person, I always err on the side of caution and compliance with the cops.

  17. Three generations of Aboriginal women in my family liked blokes in kilts, so it's not apparent that I'm Indigenous at first glance, but there was no way I could have afforded to send this bloke's wallet back to him so I dropped it off at the local cop shop.

  18. I'm grateful for people like this. They remind me that despite my mental illnesses and neurodivergencies, I'm not half as barking (pun intended) batshit mad as they are.

  19. Thank you! That honestly has given me such peace of mind. I will still check with my agent next week to be sure :)

  20. Oh yes, most certainly. RTA seem to enjoy inducing panic attacks. I got mine at 2am when I had COVID and it ended with a 5am screaming autistic meltdown that was only resolved when I called them.*

  21. Oh, that would have been so bad having Covid then dealing with that stress! Glad it turned out ok for you :) And hey, nice that you were considerate of any neighbours, lol. Sorry you had a similar thing though, but under worse circumstances :(

  22. I did have a ten-second scream at the beginning before I remembered what time it was, lol. And thanks. As I said, it's probably a bond increase because you'd be told if you were getting kicked out before the RTA contacts you.

  23. I read all of her dialogue in a bogan accent because this is peak bogan behaviour.

  24. That's exactly what she sounded like lol

  25. The thing is, I love this job. Good manager, good team, low stress, and I get to get my paws on all sorts of backend infrastructure. It's just this one little thing

  26. I know some lyrics from Lordi and Powerwolf that would really get her goat!

  27. I like to sing Lordi's 'Hardrock Hallelujah' as I go past people like her.

  28. Most definitely!! And Powerwolf - Demons are a girls best friend

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