I dont want peace, I want problems always

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What brand can go fuck off?

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  1. Mr. Whosetheboss just made a YouTube video about his entire Samsung collection showing signs of bloating batteries and they are investigating this now. Highly recommend watching the video.

  2. I bought puts at 368. Can’t tell if i should eat my crayons or not yet.

  3. You should see my retro phone collection in the loft for extra help in feeling better 😂

  4. Do you know of any good books on the subject? It seems like a really interesting and important part of history and would like to learn more.

  5. Bro don’t reply to this, don’t message me but as someone who came from a low income family you should be in a more specific and useful STEM degree. Ask yourself how many people do you actually know that are quants, “work in finance” or work in data biz analysis? Like seriously how many do you know became that and are making $80K+ if it’s the majority then disregard my comment but if you have any experience with real life you know that engineers and techs are making generational family changes that I believe you’re looking for. Take this how you may but you might want to reevaluate.

  6. Yes this is because if you cool it you change the viscosity and emulsion of the honey and separation will occur resulting in a more sour taste.

  7. I really get my workout shorts from H&M and Hollister and then my workout tanks just from Amazon.

  8. “There are some things that convenience can’t replace”.

  9. It’s crazy they didn’t have a problem with the fucking crab being Jamaican. Just fucking saying.

  10. I would like to see some fucking money, money would be a nice fucking feature. 2 years invested in this shit let’s fucking go with the money already.

  11. Thanks man appreciate it 🙏🏽 yeah it sucks I bought them for my nismo but it got totaled before I even got them

  12. Bro this whole comment is saying absolutely nothing. You basically said "if SPY goes up, you lose money, if it goes down, you gain money" in a much less concise way. All while doing it with poor grammar :4271::4271::4271:

  13. Lol “routine” you mean he’s coming down from the raised estrogen levels after having to take steroids?

  14. Sennheiser 6XX, I have never been pleased audibly the way I have with these.

  15. WTF are you talking about at least 6 months? Motherfucker I have been holding my GME position for almost 2 fucking years now. As a real "GME Vet" all I can say is you better just hope this turns into a value play because it's been a long ass shitty fuckinf ride.

  16. Nah, they cost 600 because they’re Apple and Apple knows ppl would spend that amount just because they’re Apple. You can’t convince me that any pair of headphones are worth the same price as a gaming console.

  17. I can convince you but you have to listen to your favorite song through a PC, DAC, all powering a set of Sennheiser 600’s or better.

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