Bikes left at Burning Man

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  1. Assuming erratic drivers are rushing home to drop an urgent dump has made me a much calmer driver, tbh.

  2. or they know the lights on Beverly will add 25 minutes to their drive if they don’t make the next one.

  3. Coming from the 40yo who still plays wow and lol? Thanks for the input lmao

  4. It does seem kind of like a relatively unknown, hidden gem -- to me, anyway. I saw it over and over again in the Summer of '88, still have The Willow Sourcebook from Tor Books (you know, with the 'not-really-D&D' stats for everyone), had posters, toys, stickers, eventually the VHS and then the DVD...but I bring it up in conversation with people who aren't other turbo-nerds and they're, like, "Whut".

  5. if you’re not already, you should be watching Reservation Dogs

  6. not exactly where you’re looking, but the Forest Lawn Drive exit off the 134 will also have you covered.

  7. I remember an old timer clients friendly words when I bought my first home

  8. when I eat beans, I sit in my own little cloud. nobody comes to visit meeeee iiiiin myyyy liiiiitle clooooud.

  9. FINALLY A pick I can get behind. Good job. Dudes at least 6ft, not white, looks like a variation of Dalinar that could exist, good looking but in a masculine could be warrior kind of way, and looks the right age. Would just need to bulk up, bit of a tan, and he’d be good to go.

  10. Legacy in Glendale has been my shop since I was a kid, mostly friendly and happy to help with questions.

  11. Also, please have narcan on you just in case. Where to Get Fentanyl Testing Strips:

  12. All I want is Josh Brolin as Roland of Gilead

  13. It’s essentially a western and Russell is the no-name passing thru town who just happens to get involved with a local guy’s damsel in distress rescue

  14. I never worried about what it would be like to be alive before I was born so I'm not going to worry about what it will be like to be dead before I die.

  15. how do you know you weren’t stressed af to enter this plane?

  16. If Putin thinks he is going to be disposed of, wouldn’t that prompt him to do think unthinkable? The guy is here making the most loaded threats I’ve ever heard, he’s put himself in a position where he can’t bluff now - If he doesn’t produce anything he will get disposed of by his own people

  17. assuming his people don’t take him out in the attempt. his power is fading hard as this drags on.

  18. They were gifted to her from a client. She just realized they were expired.... bummer.

  19. find some magicians who perform there, follow their socials, dm and ask for tix

  20. If I close my eyes I can still smell my copy. What a treasure.

  21. Interestingly, the Ancient Greek gods were pretty fond of using technically-true statements to mislead mortals too.

  22. POV - OPs parents save up to buy poor kid some new kicks he can be proud of at school. Kid goes to reddit to find out if they should be worn to school. Reddit is reddit, kid feels bad won’t wear shoes, parents feel bad, everyone feels bad.

  23. They are. But is anything really changing? It’s just that Brown officers are now laying the beatdowns (and worse) these days. Both LAPD and LASD are over 50% Latino.

  24. Never heard the term before, what does it mean?

  25. a way of thinking that prevents a person from perceiving the true nature of their social or economic situation.

  26. I never even thought of that!! It was a depressing ending!

  27. there’s a non-profit that picks them all up, cleans, and donates them every year.

  28. often it happens in the factory setting; either higher ups looking to provide a cheap high that let’s them stretch their supply into more pills, or cross-contam from pressing multiple kinds of pills in the same space with the same tools.

  29. dont even need to read the article to call bullshit. civilization will collapse long before it can make an a.i capable of ending humanity

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