1. All Pentatonix covers make me cringe, so, I'm just happy that someone finally posted one of their videos here.

  2. Keep in mind that some decks, like BR Midrange, have little to no answers for Kaldra. That in itself is enough of a reason for me to always keep 4 copies of SFM.

  3. The final chapter in Cujo's perspective is heartbreaking. He tried his very best to be a good dog 😭

  4. Only time I've heard performances without using scordatura is when they don't have enough time to walk off stage to re-tune. Go for it!

  5. Erin wasn't the one emotionally mature enough?

  6. Hands down one of the best electric cello covers I've seen 🤘


  8. You've really been performing Haydn D a lot recently! Good recovery my man.

  9. If you're going to play the Brahms, perhaps look at the trio in movement 3 in Beethoven 5 (around m. 140ish) instead of the excerpts from movement 2. Then, you'll have a contrast between fast/slow tempi. Good luck!

  10. Thanks I’ll definitely check these out! Would St. Paul’s Suite “Jig” by Holst be a good choice as well for a faster tempo? I played this in hs & the cello has a cool part here

  11. I bet that would be acceptable for a community orchestra audition :)

  12. If you just want an instrument to noodle on from time to time, then go for it.

  13. Yes beginner. I personally went thru 4 books and more difficult pieces than book 6 in under a year but I started around 13. It's doable with daily practice and good teaching.

  14. Really? If that's the case, you must be an exceptional cellist and probably shouldn't have been setting eyes on the Suzuki method in the first place...

  15. I probably would have been very bored without some Suzuki method pieces since the only thing else I started with were Dotzauer etudes. Keeping up the motivation is crucial when beginners start.

  16. You must've had prior music experience or string instrument experience. I can't believe someone can learn all that rep and play it well within one year as a beginner!

  17. Hoping for a wildcard with the Planeswalker, an [[ajani, vengant]] reprint

  18. I believe Ajani is going to be compleated in this set

  19. Would this stay on the board for longer than 10 minutes?

  20. Bravo! Love listening to your recordings and progress.

  21. I feel that N1 was the best, but man did the 2nd set YEM and First Tube encore in N3 slap hard

  22. All of this is some of the cringiest shit I've seen from this community.

  23. Always gotta vote for the tracks where the craziest bullshit happens

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