1. These are so cool! Send me your link if/when you get an online shop up! Dogs have been my favorite thing since I was probably 6 but I'm also really into gardening and learning about tiny ecosystems, which is why your art is so attractive to me.

  2. I'm the person at work who would be in charge of receiving accommodation requests, so I just started quietly granting myself some and no one has objected. I keep the overhead fluorescent lights in my office turned off at all times (I have a lamp and a window) unless a client is expected in and wear noise canceling headphones when I feel they are needed and appropriate. I don't see how my boss could complain, partly because the ADA would be on my side but mostly because it's pretty clear my productivity improves when I'm not spending half my mental energy on tolerating my environment. I would love to also have an adjusted schedule but I don't think that would go over so well and haven't approached it.

  3. I love mine so much. Under it is my favorite place, I sleep better than ever at night since getting it and being able to take a break under it in the dark and quiet really speeds my recovery time (compared to dark and quiet but no blanket).

  4. My favorite is when they say something they don't mean and then it's our fault for not magically knowing not only that they didn't mean what they said, but specifically what thing contrary to what they said they actually meant. "You should have known!" HOW?

  5. I know this post is a month old now but for anyone else who stumbles across it later -- check out

  6. I see you! I was diagnosed at 40 and already had a whole life, home, marriage, family, career, that I had masked and worked and forced my way into, only to find that all the things that were supposed to equate to "personal success" were endlessly draining and not at all fulfilling. It's so much to reevaluate in the wake of sudden huge new knowledge, and yet at the same time there hasn't been any time to really take stock and process because it's all still THERE and has to be handled. I feel like it's too late to change any of the big decisions I might have done differently if I had known at 20 or even 30. But then on the other hand, I'm 100% certain now that my dad is autistic as well, and he is 76 and has no clue... I'm not sure if it would be cruel or kind to tell him now.

  7. Brooklyn Yard is accepting new patients last I knew and they are amazing.

  8. Yes. I sleep without, but pretty much putting on a bra is the first thing I do every morning and taking it off is the very last thing at night. It wasn't so bad when I was younger, but post-baby middle-aged sags against my skin is just nope nope nope.

  9. My dad definitely tried to prepare me that life would be hard because the world is made for average people, and we (he and I) would always be outsiders due to being highly intelligent. OK dad, we're smart but mostly we're outsiders because we're autistic... he doesn't know that about either of us though. It's never seemed like it would do more good than harm to bring it up.

  10. Note first that there's nothing wrong with her doing that, it's still solving the puzzle in her way. I realise though that it's frustrating for you to waste money on different puzzles and so.

  11. Thanks! Yes, I'm not opposed to her doing some flinging, I'd just like to make her diversify strategies for the sake of using her noodle rather than practicing the thing she's already best at. She does have a kong wobbler -- once in a while she wobbles it but mostly she throws it across the room. :)

  12. husky/kelpie would have been my guess too but the results also make sense once you see them.

  13. My girl Finch was also called a retriever mix by the shelter and has just the labbiest lab face, but came back as mostly staffie and GSD. So surprising sometimes!

  14. Wait, where does that fuzzy face come from then? My girl's results were a complete surprise and so different from her appearance too.

  15. I'm seriously confused by the fuzzy face, none of his breeds are known for it that I know of

  16. Even ketchup? Barbecue sauce? No lime juice on your carnitas taco? Avocado? No hollandaise (lemon) on your eggs benedict? No BLT for you.

  17. Ah, you're right, I was imprecise. Sauce and juice are different and many things that are vegetables in a culinary sense are botanically fruit. Here we go: solid chunks of sweet fruits should never be mixed into savory dishes that contain meat.

  18. OMG I love this. I will never copy it because I would then proceed to eat them all in one sitting and feel terrible the rest of the day, but the idea makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing.

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