1. I wish shit show was placed in the last few minutes of the episode prior. We have all this build up of Greg leaving in the last episode, we get some goodbyes between Greg and friends, and then Rebecca shows up and then the episode ends. It would have been way more impactful if we ended the episode on Shitshow and we started the next episode with Rebecca dealing with it. I know there are probably reasons behind the scenes as to why they didn't do that, but that's just my beef.

  2. This seems like it'd just slow down the game a lot more.

  3. I don't agree with him all the way. I think there are hints of life within walkers all throughout the series, despite that I think we're still justified in ending their "life". Not a huge fan of these poll options.

  4. I love to hate Warren. I don't know how to respond so I'm abstaining.

  5. This is someone who quits way too much if they think a 72 hour ban is relatable. Never seen more than 15 minutes

  6. My internet keeps shutting off and on, Ive tried playing a few times and I can maybe get a game or two in, and even with that the maximum ive gotten was half an hour.

  7. Ive had my own speculation about the boys and betterhelp actually.

  8. Lizardfolk. I love me some emotionless human eating monster trying to fit in with the group and laughing at the worst possible time because he doesnt understand social cues.

  9. ah shit, another theory down the drain tosses into dumpster matpat catches it from within

  10. Really weird one but "Stop, Look, Listen, it's Halloween" from Halloween Kills. Love getting high and listening to it.

  11. Id also love the idea of Rahadin being the ravenloft baker.

  12. I tried out me rolling the death saves rule, here's my one warning.

  13. Wasn’t that a specific scenario in which he’s sent on a MISSION he couldn’t return from? Like colonising Mars? Bit different that going on a space cruise.

  14. Not to mention his job is to entertain, and which is more entertaining.

  15. Part of me wonders if they are somehow connected in a way we just can't see, and if we were to connect the dots things would make a lot more sense.

  16. It was being stuck with the dude who just adopted you before you could be free, or literally be on your own in hell, the latter can get you killed or worse very quickly

  17. The way people treat hellhounds in hell also means the first option may also lead to death.

  18. This episode had one of the most relatable songs in it.

  19. In hurts me to say it, because it seems more like a moment of bad writting than Kenny making something dumb, but... Kenny closing the gate in his attempt to save Ben.

  20. I think he wanted Ben to die as painless as possible, but even still he couldve just killed him. Ive never thought about the scene like this, but I cant think of a reason for him to have sacrificed himself like that.

  21. haha i forgot about that episode. i was really hoping she stuck around but she turned out to be evil asf

  22. Leggy is the true nicest one, and we're all sleeping on her.

  23. So? In order for either video to make sense you need to watch both? Isn't that obvious or did you think Mark was going mad?

  24. You say it like the commenter personally made people watch only Mark's side.

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