I said I'd drink my own piss in the daily of another Stonky Sub this morning if we broke and finished above $200. We did, I got called out. Here's the result. Never FTD.

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  1. Snipers should always 1 shot even with full armor so long as they are a beefed up 50 cal.

  2. Hahaha I came here to say this! Our older Pom needed to be wiped off until we got our puppy.

  3. I've got a few but the oldest is 4 and loves being a mother to the younger ones. She'll go round and clean them all while they take turns cleaning her after their dinner.

  4. Might I suggest cocaine in these trying times

  5. Mate I came here to say this time of year makes me crave coke and booze but I don't know why. Is my body not producing endorphins it normally would because its dark and cold? I had a serious problem with both a few years back but now don't really bother with either but winter is the hardest to get through.

  6. Bruv, it's your brain and body remembering the party times during this season. You gotta replace those memories with new hobbies or socializing without the booze and nose candy. Eventually it dulls out and be easier to carry on.

  7. Good shout bro. I used to be fucked for 3 months straight in the winter where as in summer I'd spend days sober because it was pleasant without the hooch. Winter in Scotland is grim for 3 or 4 months straight.

  8. What files? I’m not aware what GameStop/twitter happening was

  9. The shadow banning and suppression accounts and #'s relating to Gamestop. Like Ryan Cohens tweet about his tweets being suppressed etc.

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