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  1. Penny Dreadful. They definitely could have and should have continued. It makes me so sad I feel like it got cut off so abruptly

  2. I scrolled to see if anyone else felt the same. The story deserved so much more closure. The ending was just too abrupt

  3. I hope you are correct as the senate seat in Arizona has gone to the Democrat unfortunately. I’m happy to see that the Republican candidate has not conceded yet. He wants all the ballots counted.

  4. Blake Masters won’t concede, even if all the votes are counted. He and Lake were sewing seeds of voter fraud doubt even before the election. Neither will concede even if they lost. It’s an “if we win, it’s a fair election. If we lose, it was rigged” scenario.

  5. I guess the other was making music, and the other was making business, and they respect people like your father Who fought and gave it their all for this country, unfortunately, Democrats and their thugs think the opposite of your father, the country and flag.

  6. So that’s why Democratic senators and former Presidents paid respect to John McCain, a POW. If the way Trump spoke about POW’s is “showing respect” 😳 good lordt

  7. Do you like it? Personally, I’m more about what suits the person than following any “rules.” I actually think it looks nice and unique.

  8. Criston and Alicent’s inflated sense of self-righteousness bugs me so much. The fact that they see themselves in the right yet do the most back stabbing actions is just mind boggling.

  9. I’ll probably get downvoted lol but to me, the misalignment isn’t really a quality issue. Are the stitches in tact? Does the zipper run smoothly? Is the stitching aligned and not sloppily done? Is the embossing neat? There ya go.

  10. agree, I couldn't care less about alignment

  11. I focus more on functionality so cosmetic issues aren’t a big deal to me.

  12. Thank you for showing that I am not the only one!❤ From the first episode I have hated that spoilt brat who didn't do anything but whine about how terrible her privileged life is. Still Alicent kept defending her for an incredibly long time and even supported her claim to the throne over her own son's claim for years, until Rhaenyra proved how untrustable she is by lying to Alicent's face on her dead mother's memory. I was looking for a Team Green Facebook group right after the first episode and was disappointed not to find one🙁 We greens should stand together, because we have so incredibly many enemies😥

  13. She lied about losing her virginity, not sleeping with daemon which she didn’t. She slept with Criston. The lie actually protected him because he broke his oath. He would’ve been tortured had it been revealed. I do think she cared for Criston but the crown was always her goal.

  14. I don’t store my bags in direct sunlight or the box. I treat them the same as my auth. I wipe them down with water wipes when I’m done using them. For Chanel I use leather cleaner and conditioner.

  15. Hyper Peter I think has the best right now, but god factory makes excellent ones too!!

  16. I’ve been thinking of trying the GF version. I have the auth but right now it’s high in resale value. I’m Anticipating they’re going to remake it but with an exposed zipper

  17. Oop not Deena husband Chris saying he would have done the same thing Pauly did breaking the door down 🤣🤣, so is Chris violent, since y’all was saying Pauly was

  18. I don’t think he would. I Chris is non-confrontational and seems to be securely attached. I think he said that to calm things down and to smooth it over as Angelina was very high strung. Didn’t Pauly text Nikki he would bury her if she looked at another man? Even the way he went off on Danielle, ruined her life here in the US to where she had to go back to Israel. People forget, he also encouraged Ron’s behavior in S3 of OG JS

  19. Yeah totally I agree with that - I’m just wondering if I missed something in the post??

  20. Assuming she’s going to someone who can give her sound advice. Even then, fellowship also takes time as you have to build that relationship. As if church cliques don’t exist.

  21. I wouldn’t jump straight to therapy. Unless it is therapy with a fellow Christian witch, perhaps.

  22. I do recommend it. As someone who was raised Fundamental Baptist and attended private school all the way up until college- I spent years praying, serving and going to church pouring my heart out trying to heal my past trauma. It wasn’t until EMDR therapy and doing shadow work that I’ve actually found healing. Prayer journals are just another form of shadow work. There’s nothing wrong with Going to a licensed therapist that can actually help

  23. I pre-ordered it. It arrives tomorrow but I’m not getting the warm and fuzzies excitement so I may take it back.

  24. I felt the same bc I felt like all these bloggers killed it for me but when I tried it on I loved it

  25. OP- I’m sorry you had this experience. I would recommend you take back in as soon as you can. You have 30 days to return an item. Just say it didn’t work out for you. That’s it. If they give you issues, ask to speak with the store manager.

  26. What about Angelina hitting all the men on the show, Angelina is going to make some women think is ok, pauly not abuser stop putting that narrative out. A abuser man would of knock her out already she hasn’t met that man yet. And not all men is going to allow a women to continue to hit them. She slapped pauly she slapped mike. She needs to learn to keep her hand to herself

  27. Abuse comes in many forms. In fact, many abusers act out in private and wouldn’t just “knock someone out.”

  28. My friend that worked on the set called me crying laughing because Angelina threw a drink on Nicki and it got alllll over her nice shoes, she said pauly got legitimately angry and chased Angelina around the area until she locked herself in the confessional room screaming and on the brink of tears. They also had to take all the casts clothes to get dry cleaned the next day and said the hotel staff absolutely hated them all.

  29. This has nothing to do with whose in the right or wrong but with Pauly’s reaction. I get being mad but using male intimidation and aggression to make someone apologize is not okay. He did this in the OG season (remember Danielle?) as well but because he’s likable, it’s excused.

  30. First was a pre-loved speedy 40. Bought in cash and realized the Bandouliere was more my style. Did my research and sold the pre-loved bag. I originally wanted the Girolata in DA but it wasn’t in the boutique. The SA sold me on the Graceful MM in mono, which I paid for in cash because I received an extra check that month. I consider that one my “first” bag since it was from the boutique.

  31. Sadly, this is the norm for a lot of Cuban immigrants. My history teacher was a first-gen American. His father was Cuban and came here seeking Assylum.

  32. The warehouse one would be super helpful. I just started using BaseTao but have zero clue in what I’m doing.

  33. Lol this is how I feel about Mexico. Every American movie always depicts Mexico in the same sepia filter, same small town and dirt roads. Not everyone drives the same small yellow car 😂

  34. I am a practicing Catholic so I might be biased. I think that Flanagan doesn’t make a statement either way. What happened on the island doesn’t prove or disprove the existence of a God or higher powers. The whole show is based on the human side of the equation.

  35. This is how I interpreted it. We don’t know Father Pruitt’s intentions until the end, which were selfish at its core. But I also think it speaks to current events going on today. How religion/faith misconstrued and in the hands of those who have an agenda can even make a monster look like an Angel. Especially to those easily susceptible that don’t care to do the research or think for themselves. They put their faith in one man, instead of God.

  36. If you’ve got a painful background involving the church, odds are good that somewhere along the way, you knew a bev. She’s an unpleasant and vindictive person in the best of times, and her behavior in the latter half of the show is in line with what I’d expect from the bevs of my own life, were they given a chance.

  37. Dude- I felt this. Talk about spiritual trauma. I’m still in therapy for it and this character triggered all my anger lol I knew so many Bevs growing up.

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