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  1. Been seeing lots of autopots. Starting my first grown and wondering when should I pull this upgrade. Is it work for a 2x2? Thanks!

  2. Yes I allocate one plant per 2x2. Dm me if you want more info

  3. Those tubes are for self watering? I looked it up and is says its for hydroponics but I see you’re using soil. Thank. Brand new. Just started my first grow

  4. Those pots are autopots, they are self watering, but the tube that you see belongs to what is called an airdome. An airdome is an autopot specific feature that is like an air stone you would put in a fish aquarium and it keeps the water in the pot oxygenated, and plants like oxygenated water.

  5. I’ll need it lol. First time. No idea what im doing really. Doing as much research as I can but trying to stay away from YouTube. That could be a mistake.

  6. I will. Im just anxious. Have a hard time losing things after a big loss. So I hope my planta can thrive. I got some owl pellets and today a friend gave me a sour diesel clone. Hopefully the autos will do well with the 18/6 light schedule

  7. You are lovely. Essa foi uma que demorou um pouco mais pra ficar fluente.

  8. In my country parents are legally required to pay for their child until they have a degree/job. So my parents pay for my apartment and my food

  9. What a fucking idiot. These trucks shouldn’t be in the middle of neighborhoods anyways

  10. Kids learn a new language quickly. ESL has worked for generations.

  11. No they don’t. They throw them at our schools and everyone in class falls behind during that semester

  12. Looks great! Just hot my pellets today. It’s going to be my first grow ever. I don’t know where to start 😂.

  13. Coney Island. Then stop at near downtown and go to the promenade for the sunset before heading back into Manhattan

  14. That’s literally every day in bedstuy. Bedford, myrtle, spencer, willoughby. Fuckers are like this everywhere because there’s no enforcement. Nypd will fraudulently close 311 reports without showing up. I vote for vigilantes

  15. You have to complete all of Kass’s shrine quests in order to unlock these scenes with his family-I think this is part of the unlockable quest and not the regular concert shrine quest.

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